June 21, 2024

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Bahia detects more than 63 samples of delta variable

On Saturday (09), the Central Laboratory of Public Health of Bahia (Lacen-BA) released the detection by genetic sequencing of more than 63 samples of the delta variant of Covid-19, in the state. With these new records, Bahia has a total of 135 cases of the variant, with two deaths.

These new cases were identified in patients residing in the cities of Baixa Grande, Bonito, Camacari, Cruz das Almas, Vieira de Santana, Guanambi, Itabuna, Jaguacura, Lauro de Freitas, Luis Eduardo Magalhães, Porto Seguro, Remanso, Riacao do Jacobi , Salvador, Santa Maria da Vitoria, São Gonçalo dos Campos, Senhor do Bonfim, Cento C and Oa.

Previously, 72 cases with a delta variant were reported in residents of the municipalities of Abura, Baixa Grande, Brocas, Bonito, Bromado, Camacari, Canavieras, Cicero Dantas, Conceição de Almeida, Curibe, Entre Ríos, Vieira de Santana, Elios and Itapuna , Lauro de Freitas, Maracás and Nilo Peçanha, Maraú, Medeiros Neto, Muritiba, Nova Fátima, Pé de Serra, Prado, Riachão do Jacuípe, Salvador, São Gonçalo dos Campos, Sapeaçu, Senhor do Bonfim, Simões Te Ver Filho, Vitória da Conquista as well as a crew member of a ship docked in Salvador.

According to Lacen-BA’s General Manager, Arabela Leal, “It is important to emphasize that we are using a new protocol, which does not include random samples. The director explains that we are focusing attention on samples from municipalities with an increased proportion of positive or pre-delta cases.

Acting Secretary of State for Health, Theresa Baim, notes that the key measure to contain the progression of Covid-19, and thus the delta variable, is progress in vaccination. “It is important for people to go to health facilities to be vaccinated against the disease, including the booster dose as well. We have more than 700,000 people who have not taken the second dose. A complete vaccination plan provides a greater guarantee of defense against Covid-19,” he says.

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Recognized as the third largest laboratory monitoring unit in the country and classified in the highest quality category by the Department of Health, Lacen-BA analyzed samples from more than 200 municipalities in the nine regional health centers. Lacen-BA has already carried out about 800 genetic sequencing tests for the Covid-19 virus.

Watch the voice of Lacen-BA director, Arabela Leal.