May 25, 2024

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Barbosinha won’t take over despite Riedel in America – Na Lata!

Barbosinha won’t take over despite Riedel in America – Na Lata!

Rolled out – If previously ousted state vice president Rafael Tavares only saw his name as a pre-candidate for mayor of Campo Grande for PL, he is now joined in the capital by the party’s municipal president and personal friend, Tenente Portela. Former President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro, the same person who endorsed the former parliamentarian’s name a few months ago, left the PRTB and joined the Liberal Party.

Imbroglio – Meanwhile, in Dourados, federal deputy Rodolfo Nogueira is trying to get his wife Gianni Nogueira’s name up as a candidate for mayor. However, allies understand that entering into a majority dispute is too risky, yet secure an alliance with another party.

Conclusion – The TJMS (Judge’s Court of Mato Grosso do Sul) suspended the bill approved at the end of 2021, restructuring more than 60% of the subsidies granted to the Mayor, Deputy and Municipal Secretaries of Dorados. In November of last year, the Dourados Court already decided by José Domingues Filho, judge of the 6th Civil Court, however, the municipality appealed, resulting in a new defeat in the capital.

Accounts – The president of Cassems, Ricardo Ayache, will meet the state representatives in the Mato Grosso do Sul Assembly tomorrow and present the account of the R$60 million transferred by the state government last year as a contribution to the health program. General Staff in MS. The meeting takes place at Casa de Lees at 8 am.

Support – One of the first officials to arrive at the João Humberto de Carvalho Exhibition Park for the opening ceremony of the 58th edition of Expogro, on Friday night State Deputy Renato Camara stopped to speak with press experts covering the event. When asked informally about his ‘wandering’, he said everything went smoothly, then joked that he would be ‘great’ with the support of Governor Eduardo Riedel in Dorados.

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Without assuming – Deputy Governor Barbosinha (PSD) will not take over as governor, although Riedel will be in the US during the week participating in MS Day New York. In addition to legislation that would allow an incumbent to remain in office due to a short period of absence, this could indicate a future candidate for mayor in this year’s election.

Confirm – Together with Expogro and the governor, Barbosinha said that he would maintain his previous candidacy for mayor, however, he made it clear that he would be part of the same political program as the PSDB. In other words, if the conferences confirm the name of Marcel Filho in the Dorados, the vice-president will act in a supportive capacity.

Cabinet – As has been the case in recent editions of the Expo, Mayor Alan Guddes (PP) will pass through the travel office set up by City Hall in the Expo Park on Expogro days.

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