September 22, 2023

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Barcelona president dismisses Neymar: "These players almost signed slavery. For money" |  international football

Barcelona president dismisses Neymar: “These players almost signed slavery. For money” | international football

president Barcelona And he did not hide his admiration for Neymar in an interview with the Catalunya newspaper for sport. Despite this, Joan Laporta considers the possibility of the player’s return difficult, because the condition for the return of the striker will be a free transfer to Blaugrana.

Who does not like Neymar? He’s an exceptional player, but he has four or five more years on his contract with PSG. I couldn’t have come back one day unless I came for free. He explained that it would be illogical to pay for the transfer of a player who was previously us.

Joan Laporta, Barcelona president, rules out Neymar’s return for the time being – Image: Getty Images

This Wednesday, newspapers the sun And to liberate Paris Saint-Germain will be open to the possibility of selling the Brazilian striker in the upcoming transfer window. But Neymar He made it clear that he did not want to leave.

Those players who signed with clubs like Paris Saint-Germain almost signed slavery. For the money, he criticized Laporta.

Laporta criticizes the renewal of Mbappe

Mbappe wears the 2025 shirt, the year his new contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires – Photo: Reuters / Christian Hartmann

This kind of movement distorts the market. Players end up being kidnapped for money. These are the consequences of the backwardness of the state. From our point of view, our direct competitor has not been able to strengthen itself and we prefer this method when competing. He pointed out that I stick to sustainability in football.

Real Madrid dreamed of a free transfer of the player, but lost to Paris Saint-Germain. Last Saturday, the French club officially announced the Mbappe contract extension For another three years, until June 2025.