June 16, 2024

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Bateaux Basketball beat Zopone Unimed Bauru Basket 87-53

Bateaux Basketball beat Zopone Unimed Bauru Basket 87-53

Victor Lira / Bauru Basket

Coach Guerrinha directs Zopone Unimed Bauru

Pato Basket defeated Zopone Unimed Bauru Basket 87-53, on Saturday afternoon (18), at Sesi Gym, in Pato Branco, in a match for Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB). Bato Basket beat Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket, on Saturday (December 18), with a score of 87-53 (37-29 in the first half), in a match held at Sesi Gymnasium, in Bato Branco (PR), valid for stage shift Preliminary from Novo Basketball Brasil (NBB) – 2021/2022.

There was no shortage of combat, but Dragão was unable to print the rhythm of the game that intrigued him as he had done in previous matches, and this gave the home team a chance to control the score and unlock the advantage to confirm the court order. – 18 to 16 (first quarter), 19 to 13 (second quarter), 29 to 18 (third quarter) and 21 to 06 (last quarter). With 21 points, Argentine winger/goalkeeper Mateo Bolivar was the top scorer and highlight of the match. The player also got eight rebounds and distributed five assists. For Dragao, top scorer was Larry Taylor with 11.

Bauru saw a three-game winning streak stop, but remained in the G-4, in fourth place, with eight wins and three losses. The win – the third in the last four matches – underscores the good moment for Pato, who wins a spot, finishes 10th and enters the classification zone in the playoffs.

They played for Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket: 02. Samuel “Pará” Santos (02 points, 01 rebounds and 1 rebound), 03. Dontrell Brite (04 points, 02 rebounds and 04 assists), 04. Larry Taylor (11 points, 02 rebounds, 01 assists and one ball rebound), 09. Felipe Vizarro (2 points and 02 rebounds recovered), 10. Alex Garcia (10 points, 05 rebounds and 02 assists), 17. Danilo Bentido (02 points, 04 rebounds) , 01 assists and 03 rebounds), 20. Igor Araujo, 25. Gabriel Zhao (09 points, 07 rebounds, 02 assists and 02 rebounds), 28. Enzo Ruiz (08 points, 02 rebounds and 01 rebounds), and 30. Rafael Hechimer (05 points, 1 rebound)

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Technical Committee: Vanderlei Mazzuchini Junior (Supervisor), Jorge Guerra (Technician), Hudson Previdelo and Everton Moraes (Technical Assistants), Bruno Camargo (Physical Trainer), Gustavo de Carvalho Lopes, José Bassan (Physical Therapists), and Roger Ted Mansano, Carlos Eduardo Moraes Matos (Doctors) and Anderson “Tata” Guimarães (Operations Director). The main names of Pato Baskett were Argentine Matteo Bolivar (21 points and 08 rebounds) and Augusto Liao (16 points and 04 assists).

Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket will seek to recover from Mogi das Cruzes basketball, on Monday, December 20 at 8 pm (GMT), at Professor Hugo Ramos Municipal Hall, in Mogi das Cruzes (SP).