May 30, 2024

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Behind the scenes: Find out why Inter withdrew, and soon Sao Paulo shocked with Nikao |  football

Behind the scenes: Find out why Inter withdrew, and soon Sao Paulo shocked with Nikao | football

Friday is very crazy. Any screenwriter could describe the weekend to attack midfielder Nikau in this way. from sender with international, saw the player Colorado walk away from the deal and Sao Paulo Arise, respond to claims and agree to a four-season contract.

There was no “hat,” common terminology used to describe the work of one team outperforming another at the last minute in negotiations. the Sao Paulo Action taken after international He left, and in just over two hours of dialogue, Nikau finished.

The entire operation exceeds R$10 million, including gloves, economic rights and commission for businessman Paulo Betumbera. the Sao Paulo It covered what was offered by Inter and met the latest demands imposed by Nikao’s staff, which made the gaucho give up the deal.

Nikao celebrates his goal in the Copa Sudamericana final – Photo: Gustavo Oliveira/Atletico

This withdrawal from internationalHowever, it was the result of an operation. The Colorado board has been uncomfortable with some of the last points of the negotiations and the situation with Nikao has fizzled out since the middle of last week.

On the other hand, the attacking midfielder’s crew complained that international It took time to work out which details were easy during the week. And wear only grew.

Colorado has “frozen” dialogue since last weekend, shunning Nikao and reneging on the deal on Friday. From then on, given the long-standing interest, which appears even before Inter speeds up the conversation for the player, the Sao Paulo Resume the connection.

The endorsement of Rogerio Ceni and the presence of Rui Costa, who worked with Nicao at Atletico, became crucial to quickly resolving the dialogue. The attacking midfielder arrives in an important boost state, due to the Hurricane jersey lead.

Nikao has signed a four-season contract and should be announced at the latest by the start of the week. The 29-year-old will be the fifth signing to confirm Sao Paulo, who has already announced Gandri (goalkeeper), Rafinha (right back), Patrick (midfield) and Alisson (attacking midfielder).