October 1, 2023

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Biomedicine is being honored for their performance during the pandemic

On October 8, new board members of the Biomedical Regional Council and representatives of the Federal Council were at the Megaunit of Unimed Laboratório, in Curitiba, in order to honor employees who have worked on the front lines due to the pandemic. The event followed all health protocols that adhere to necessities and was quick to avoid crowding.

the audience The Chairman of the Board, Thiago Yueti Castelo Masuda, was present, along with Vice President Diane Pereira Camacho, as well as Janina Ferreira de Mello Vasco and Raphael Sahid from the Board of Directors of the entity. They were received by Milton Zemberg, supervisor of Unimed Laboratório, and spoke with half of the lab’s production and service team, which in total consists of about 40 biomedical doctors. The meeting was attended by a specialist from each sector and Diane Gallo, a biomedical specialist in the technical sector at Unimed Laboratório, received a plaque on behalf of the others.

to get to know – “I think biomedical professionals are becoming more and more popular during this time of the pandemic. We have been at the forefront, both in clinical diagnosis and in the field of Covid-19 diagnostics, trying to help the community in some way. I am very happy today with this honor!” Principal because here at Unimed Laboratory we were able to start processing Covid tests very quickly. We hope to continue to help people with fast, high-quality diagnosis, as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic.” The Chairman’s draft also noted the challenge and reward for working during this period. “We represent the class at Parana and we have seen how empowered and appreciated we are in the face of this situation. So our goal is to honor and thank them for all their efforts.”

Fit – The supervisor of Unimed Laboratório, who is also a biomedical specialist, noted the agility to work for the benefit of society as a whole in the face of the new virus. It may have been the private laboratory in Parana that has performed most of the Covid-19 tests so far, without failing to help other patients with other illnesses. And our biomedicine did not stop during the entire period of the epidemic, not even a single day. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, divided into four shifts and have approximately 300 employees today. On this occasion, we would like to thank the Regional Biomedical Council for its closeness and support to professionals, as well as this recognition.” (Unimed Lab Press)

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