June 3, 2023

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Bonamigo praises Remo's goodness, but keeps his feet on the ground: 'Examples are there' |  Rowing

Bonamigo praises Remo’s goodness, but keeps his feet on the ground: ‘Examples are there’ | Rowing

We possessed the quality of definition and the ability to make decisions. That was really the difference, because every classic has a great difficulty. We know the good team Paysandu has. From the overall context, from what we presented in the 90 minutes, from the mood of the team and the character, I think the outcome was fair.

Bonamigo also commented that Azulino’s team was playing outside the standard, but that there was an adjustment and that the athletes were able to do the jobs properly. He also mentioned the size of the missed opportunities against Tuna in the second leg of the semi-finals.

– We were very proficient in the classics. We were having a hard time building, making a lot of long balls, which mischaracterized our team. When we were able to go between defender and midfield, we had the quality in the final third. That stubborn ball we had against Tuna Luso, came today.

Remo x Paysandu, Baenão, Campeonato Paraense 2022 final – Photo: Samara Miranda/Ascom Remo

Despite the good advantage, the coach dispensed with the “winner already” speech. He maintains Paysando’s respect and remembers the Paulista Championship final, where Palmeiras beat Sao Paulo 4-0, on Sunday, and managed to reverse Tricolor’s 3-1 result in the first leg.

Examples exist. Nothing has been decided, we have full respect for the opponent and we have to go to Curuzu to play more than we played today. We know it’s the first half, we have a good advantage, but we have a great opponent on the other side. We have to put our feet on the ground and know that we have to work hard in our 90 minutes at Curuzu.

It can be said that Assad’s victory was in overcoming the adversities that appeared on the eve of the decision. Without midfielder Felipe Guidos, Bonamigo also lost defender Everton Senna and midfielder Eric Flores. The coach regrets these absences, but they highlight the strength of the team.

– It’s the last game of the competition. You’ll hardly see me regretting the absent players, because I’m trying to motivate those present, those who are going to play, but we’ve had a string of injuries in this final stage. There are absences within the group, but the unity he has at the club and the commitment of the team, made him grow at the right moment to compete.

Remo x Paysandu, Baenão, Campeonato Paraense 2022 final – Photo: Samara Miranda/Ascom Remo

The second leg of the Barçao final is scheduled for next Wednesday, the sixth, at 20:00, in Korotho. Remo can lose by up to two goals, which is still holding the state title, a feat achieved for the last time in 2019.

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