June 9, 2023

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Boris Johnson levou o cachorro para votar nas eleições locais do Reino Unido

Boris Johnson under pressure during UK local elections – News

The British people are going to the polls on Thursday (5) for the municipal and regional elections that will represent a test for the pressured Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK.

Polling stations will be closed until 18:00 GMT, and although the first results will be announced overnight, we will have to wait until noon on Friday (6) or Saturday (7) to find out the exact numbers.

A bad result in these elections, tends to mobilize even a little, Could renew the insurgency within Johnson’s Conservative Party And reactivate calls to replace their controversial leader.

Johnson, 57, who voted with his dog Tillin in central London this morning, expressed hope that voters would not turn their backs on the Conservative Party. […] Protecting Families and Pockets from Inflation “.

In England, Wales and Scotland, 146 city councils will be elected, including 32 cities in London.

The poll results will also show whether voters still trust the Conservative Party, despite the scandals that have plagued the PM. Boris was fined by police for attending at least one illegal party on Downing Street during the locks imposed to fight the Govt-19 epidemic.

The police investigation is open, meaning the prime minister could be fined again. In addition, Boris Johnson is subject to future inquiries by a parliamentary committee that will determine whether he lied to deputies when he claimed that the rules were not violated during his imprisonment at his place of residence and work.

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Cost of living crisis

The Conservatives are about to lose control of hundreds of councils and local London forts to the Labor Party.

The main opposition is trying to capitalize on the Prime Minister’s declining influence to reclaim left-wing strongholds in the UK that the Conservatives snatched from him in the 2019 Assembly elections.

Considered a “liar” by most Britons, he has so far avoided calls for the prime minister to resign after becoming the first executive head of government to be fined for violating the law.

Gemma, a 44 – year – old human resources officer in Askrik, in the north of England, said on Thursday it was “settling the cost of living”. […] In terms of housing, transportation and local issues “is very urgent now.

If the outcome of this Thursday’s referendum is bad, the insurgency will be mitigated by Ukraine war, May return to the Conservative Party. This could mean a resumption of efforts to pass an audit resolution, which could lead to a change of party leader and, consequently, the head of government.

However, Johnson believes in his political survival.

“When we have to focus […] To protect families and pockets, the conservatives are providing, “he said in a video on Twitter after the vote.