June 23, 2024

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Crude oil closes heavily, backed by declining U.S. cargo

Brazil lost to the United States in the men’s and women’s divisions, but guaranteed a presence at the 3×3 World Basketball Championships

Failed for United States The end of AmeriCup was in the background Brazilian team. For both Male team As Girl They have confirmed their presence at the 2022 3×3 Basketball World Cup in Antwerp, Belgium. Confirmed in Miami this Sunday.

The new Olympic system has proven that Brazil can become a hero. In both divisions, they won four of the five conflicts, losing only to the United States. Just like Americans were already in the world Ranking, The venue was changed to the Brazilian team.

The men’s team easily overcame victories against Chile and Jamaica in the first round without difficulty. They beat Mexico 20-13 in the quarterfinals and went to the Dominican Republic 20-15, losing 21-15 to the United States.

The women’s team defeated Guatemala and the Dominican Republic in the group stage, beating Argentina 21-8. In the semifinals, they beat Canada 20-13 to advance. In the final, however,. It lost 21 to 9 without standing with the United States.

In total, 18 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams searched the stage in Miami, Florida, USA. FIBA made its first world tour there nine years ago.

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