October 1, 2023

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Brazilian tattoo artist beaten by boyfriend in US seeks help online |  Holy Spirit

Brazilian tattoo artist beaten by boyfriend in US seeks help online | Holy Spirit

Aziz Munis, a 25-year-old Brazilian tattoo artist, condemned an attack on her boyfriend in a hotel room in Las Vegas last Friday night (7) on social media. She was attacked after a disagreement. The boyfriend was arrested, but was released by a U.S. judge within 24 hours. His identity has not been released.

Born in Pinheiros, north of Esperido Santo, Isis has lived and worked in Toronto, Canada since March 2020 and has been in a relationship with the invader for almost a year.

The tattoo artist’s nose was broken during the attack, and she had cuts on her lips, bruises on her eyes and ears, and other abrasions. She underwent tests after showing some neurological symptoms.

Brazilian tattoo artist beaten up by her boyfriend in Las Vegas – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

According to the Brazilian, after the occupation of the hotel room, the boyfriend was arrested by the police, but was released by court decision only a few hours later, which provided only a restrictive measure so he could not be accessed or contacted electronically by the victim.

However, shortly after his release, ISIS claimed that his ex-partner had started texting him on his cell phone.

According to the young woman, her 25-year-old boyfriend already had aggressive and intimidating behavior, but never physically assaulted her. “He had many aggressive and tense behaviors. He took treatment to manage his anger.”

Back in Toronto, the victim went to Canadian Justice to ask for a restrictive action in the country. “I asked for protection from justice, but they can do nothing for me because he killed me in the United States, so they can not put a restraining order here. In Canada I can only get a restraining order if he beats me,” he said.

The Canadian embassy, ​​the US embassy and the State Department were not immediately available for comment.

Frustrated with the treatment she received from the court, Brazilians posted photos and videos on social media showing the bedroom and the wounds left by her boyfriend after the occupation.

On social networks, the Brazilian was thanked for the support he received from supporters, such as legal advice and news from nurses about his injuries.

Brazilians also accept the opportunity to receive financial assistance. Initially, people offered to help, but she paid for it. However, this Tuesday (11), he announced that he was considering a prize for fundraising.

“I was hesitant, but my money was gone. I do not know if I can pay it myself (…) I will spend more money in the coming weeks, I will not be able to work. I have money saved, but I have to pay my money. Rent and other bills, He wrote.

In total, Aziz calculates that he has already spent about $ 36,000 on hospital treatments, costs with lawyers and escape from the invader.

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