May 25, 2024

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Britain begins to kill healthy pigs due to lack of meat workers - Spectator

Britain begins to kill healthy pigs due to lack of meat workers – Spectator

Millions of healthy pigs are being slaughtered in the UK due to a shortage of workers in slaughterhouses and difficulty in managing. Stock Animals accumulating on farms, in British newspapers, realized that this was another effect of Brexit, and the epidemic intensified, leaving much of the UK in short supply in recent days. Of fuels.

According to The Guardian newspaperIn early October, the Association of Pork Producers’ Representatives in the United Kingdom warned that more than 120,000 pigs would have to be slaughtered at slaughterhouses due to labor shortages – including several British industrial sectors at one time. Meat processing plants were hit hard by labor shortages.

“We are still two weeks away from considering the massacre of animals in this country,” association president Rob Muttimer told the BBC.

Now, According to the same newspaperThe slaughter began this week with the deaths of about 600 pigs on several farms in the UK. The carcasses of pigs slaughtered outside slaughterhouses on farms should be used to produce biofuels and non-food items as they cannot be used for human fuel.

The United Kingdom has been experiencing strong disruptions in product supply chains and industry in recent days due to a number of factors, including significant emissions of thousands of European truck drivers (mainly from the East) driven by Brexit. A change in tax rules that would have forced truck drivers to be paid as employees of transport companies, rather than as self-employed, to avoid tax evasion.

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Many foreign truck drivers returned to their home countries during the Govt-19 epidemic and did not return to the UK due to these legal changes. Which caused the country to collapse, Especially in fuel distribution, and transport companies forced almost double pay to attract truck drivers.

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In the case of agriculture and livestock, one of the factors determining the decline in the number of workers in Brexit slaughterhouses and meat processing plants – many of them decided to leave the country following the UK’s exit from the EU.