July 19, 2024

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Businessman loses leg movement after spinal tumors

Businessman loses leg movement after spinal tumors

After being diagnosed with spinal cancer at the age of 38, former businessman Mourinho Bruno underwent two surgeries and was unable to walk for more than four months. The disease appeared on January 1 of this year and since then it has caused changes in the lives of Mourinho and his family.

After feeling severe pain in his body, Mourinho sought the hospital to understand the cause of the suffering. According to the doctor, tests showed that he had a small fracture in the spine.

After increasing pain, he needed an ambulance from João de Baro, where he lives, to Roraima General Hospital (HGR), where he learned that it was an intervertebral tumor that had paralyzed the legs..

A series of consultations, exams, medication and adequate nutrition have become a must for the case, and all help is welcome (Photo: Nilzete Franco/FolhaBV)

After the biopsy showed a benign tumor, the surgery was done and he went home, continued taking medications and physical therapy, and three months later he had great results. Everything was going fine, until last Sunday (5) when he lost control of his leg again and felt pain all over his body.

Mourinho needed to be admitted to a German hospital in Hungary with great pain, and new tests showed that he had several tumors spread throughout his spine, which came as a shock to everyone involved.

The new surgery was even more sensitive and caused a six-hour ordeal for Sister Kelly Darless, a 33-year-old nurse, and mother, Raymonda Oris, 64, who were unprepared for the news that has rocked the entire family in recent months.

A biopsy of the last tumors removed showed a malignancy (cancer) and now the family needs to start chemotherapy and even surgeries to restore the mobility of Mourinho’s legs.

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It is a long process and the family goes through it every day, and they say it was not easy to deal with all the expenses caused by the disease. A series of consultations, exams, medication and adequate nutrition have become a must for the condition, and all help is welcome.

For those who sympathize with history and can help the current situation, the PIX number for donations is (95) 99159-9508, in the name of Andria.