April 25, 2024

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Caetano defends Turco's work at Atlético-MG and says even Mourinho will be criticized after Cuca |  Athlete - mg

Caetano defends Turco’s work at Atlético-MG and says even Mourinho will be criticized after Cuca | Athlete – mg

defeat Atletico MG At Tolima’s house, this Wednesday, the noise of part of the crowd against the work of Antonio Mohamed in Gallo has caused it to grow again, especially on social networks. But criticism came to turn Shy boos after the final whistle in Mineirao Restricted to the outdoor environment, Alfinegro’s board of directors continues to support the Argentine’s line of work at the club.

– Brazilian football is like that, and we have to understand. Turco, in these five months, has already understood what it is. What we understand is that he does a great job. In addition to being a great group manager, he is a great human figure. – Rodrigo Caetano highlighted Thursday in an interview with Superesportes.

The manager boosted Atletico’s numbers in 2022 praising Mohamed’s work. This season, Gallo has already won two titles (Mineiro and Supercopa do Brasil) and has lost only three times. Caetano sees criticism as the “fruit” of the victorious 2021.

Because when you win, from then on, it’s a little different business. We have to face it naturally and not let outsiders get in the way. Filter what works, what are constructive criticisms and work on improvement – admit.

Rodrigo Caetano, CEO of Atlético-MG – Photo: Bruno Sousa/Atlético

“Any coach who comes to replace Coca will suffer from what (Turco) is going through. He can bring Mourinho, who won yesterday (Conference League, with Roma) and they say he hasn’t won the title in 10 years, it’s a retranqueiro. Life is like this”

The director also compared Galo’s current situation with the scenario Flamengo experienced after the success of Jorge Jesus, in 2019.

Flamengo live under the specter of 2019, and we are already in 2022. Palmeiras, last year, even when they wiped us out, the retranqueiro team was called, they won the Libertadores – he thought about it.

Jose Mourinho shook the Conference League title in Rome – Photo: Bernadette Szabo / Reuters

The constant praise that Turco receives from the athletes and behind-the-scenes members of Atlético is the way the Argentine has inserted himself into the Cidade de Gallo environment and deals with the staff and players. In the coach’s wave of endorsements, Caetano again spoke out about the question.

– Amazing, the guy who participated in all areas. If you ask the club staff, they will tell you how dear, involved, respected he is. This is not a pattern of behavior for a foreign coach who arrives (…). Eder (Alexo) and Lucas Gonçalves (two assistants) participate in practically the same way as the assistants he brought in. This makes for a very nice body and team spirit for everyone at Cidade do Galo.

Turco Muhammed with Gustavo Lima’s assistant training Atlético-MG – Photo: Bruno Sousa / Atlético-MG

– (Change) Very little. Turco places more emphasis on dead ball, both offensively and defensively. With Cuca, the team was moving quickly, and Turco had more possession. But each one with his virtues – he said.

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