May 19, 2024

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Call centers and planes are overflowing, not enough to get everyone

Aerolinias is Argentinas 59 international flights were canceled, Only in the next 13 days. It does not count winter vacation flights New York, July 19 at the scheduled time. Aerolinias is the strongest case in point, with all airlines being forced to cancel at this time, following the government’s decision to limit the number of daily passengers arriving at the airport in Essex to 2,000 to 600 (70%).

Among the affected places, the first is Miami: Aerolinias only in Argentina 30 flights were canceled (15 outdoor sections and 15 associated with it), only between this Monday and July 11th. Of the 45 international flights it planned (sold) for the next 13 days, Aerolinias canceled a total of 30 flights. We should include US airlines in these cancellations, Not yet reported. The question that everyone is trying to solve is how to accommodate everyone Go back to the country.

“The passenger, who has not yet arrived, is informed that his ticket is open and that he can ask for a refund,” they told Aerolinias. “It simply came to our notice then How to get them back Those who have had flights for these two weeks, ”they told the state airline.

Passenger entry reduction seeks to have a delta variant of Govit-19. But a question that quickly spread in travel chats between travel agencies and airlines on Monday morning was: “2,000 people a day equals 14,000 a week. Not in the state of Argentina?” Tools and people Effectively monitor 14,000 people per week? The question is, not without contradiction.

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When asked about the Aerolinias manager’s passenger requests, he said “the call center is too high”. The local airline raised its frequencies to the United States to ten flights a week, but had to cancel flights to Santiago de Chile, Asuncion, San Pablo and Lima. At foreign airlines, they postponed flight cancellations one by one on Monday morning.

லாதம் He had sought approval to carry out 45 days in the first fifteen days of the next month. As of noon on Monday, the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) had approved only one for Lima on July 12. “We are waiting to see what will happen to the requested flights to Chile and Brazil,” they told the Chilean capital airline.

Lufthansa He has been flying to Argentina only twice a week since early April when restrictions began due to the second wave of covit. Now the ANAC has only approved one flight a week for them, departing from Essex to Frankfurt on July 3rd and 10th. “We asked for two more planes in the first half of the month, but they were not delivered,” said Corina Hahnich, director of the German airline’s Argentina subsidiary.

Ann American Airlines They do not have a clear record of how many of their flights will be canceled. After Aerolinias Argentina, the largest airline to land in Essex is American Airlines: 11 to 12 flights a week from Miami and Dallas. They said there was “no news at the moment” from the company, which has 500 employees in Argentina. So far, the only definite thing is that a US plane was scheduled to depart for the United States this Wednesday It was canceled.

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Since April, airlines have been selling tickets under the current scheme, with the government using the quota of no more than 2,000 a day for visitors to Essex. But since the management decision was released this Saturday, restricting the daily ceiling of passengers from international flights to 600, the expected amount has been generated on all airlines. The problem.

Even Lufthansa, which lands the only jumbo jet in Essex (between 364 destinations, tourist, commercial and first destinations), has reported problems in rearranging its passengers. “The planes were already full, so with these new restrictions Everything gets more complicatedHoneych added.

All cameras that group foreign flights from local flights I swear To the international Is there, Asked the government for an “emergency” meeting to find out how this allocation of 600 daily passengers is being distributed among various companies. And, as indicated in their statements, should be proposed Alternative measures To control the number of passengers.

Until now, No response was received from the government Indicates that they will not do everything. “With IATA There will be no crowd, Not because of something against IATA, but because the actions provided by the executive decision are being used, “government sources said.” There is a dialogue between the ANAC and each of the companies, for operational tasks to modify the aircraft. ”