January 30, 2023

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Ato pelo impeachment de Jair Bolsonaro e a jogadora de vôlei Carol Solberg

Carol Solberg confronts Pocketnarist stupidity again and regrets the 600,000 deaths (video)

The volleyball player criticized Jair Bolsonaro’s defense of early treatment and the ban on the free distribution of tampons to public school students.

247 – Carol Solberg, Who shouted ‘Out of Bolsonaro’ in September 2020 after winning a medal In the Brazilian beach volleyball circuit, he once again criticized the Bolsonaro government. This time it was in an interview after the match on Saturday (9), at the Doubles Open of the Brazilian beach volleyball circuit, in Rio de Janeiro.

“We have completed 600,000 Covid deaths. We have a president who advocates early treatment at this point in the tournament. This is very serious. It really pains me to see Brazil represented in this,” he said.

The interview space was also used to criticize Vito Bolsonaro over the free distribution of tampons to people in vulnerable situations.

And in an interview with SporTV, the athlete said the following:

“We cannot forget…we completed 600,000 deaths per person infected with the virus yesterday. I don’t think the tournaments can go on without talking about it.

We have a president who advocates early treatment at this point in the tournament. This is very dangerous.

It pains me so much to see Brazil represented by this.

This week we saw the President objecting to the free distribution of tampons to girls in vulnerable situations.

I feel very sad, Brazil to me is a wonderful country. I am very proud of what Brazil stands for.

But it hurts so much to see this moment, you know? I’m an athlete and I like to be here and play, but I don’t play on the court oblivious to everything that’s going on.

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So it hurts me so much. I am here as a citizen and as an athlete.

This is a very difficult time.

Thank you to the fans and all my solidarity with the families who have lost their love, and their partners over this terrible thing from the virus.”

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