October 4, 2023

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Cartel del Norreste considers stolen trucks on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo Highway

Accused hitmen inspect stolen vehicles (Video: Twitter / ront FronteraRV)

For the past few weeks, The Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo Highway This has become a red dot as the vehicles allegedly claimed by members have gone missing and stolen Organized crime.

This Thursday, through a video circulated on social media, I was able to see how a family was traveling on this highway, and when a trailer driver approached them to help them on this highway, he watched in amazement. People The perpetrators took their gray 2018 Tacoma truck, claiming they were assaulted.

Events were recorded last Wednesday, June 23 at 5:00 p.m. Salinas Victoria Municipality, Nuevo Leன்n, At the height of Costa de Mamulic.

Until now, it was not known which group the perpetrators responsible for removing their vehicles belonged to and where they were taken. However, a scenario may reveal both of these pieces of information.

An empty space, surrounded by a construction and trees of black work, is said to be members Northeast Cartel Checks stolen vans on the highway.

Attacks on Monterrey-Laredo highway on the rise, families condemned (Video: Twitter / ஸ்டpostamax)

“Hey, what’s up mom, your fat man?” Says the person in charge of the record, a hitman dressed in green, with brown pants and boots, inspecting the trunk of a red truck, where they can notice some Bags and suitcases belonging to stolen families.

The cameraman approaches with “El Cordo” as he explores another unit, black, with another hit man. Asked if it wasn’t the “pills or candy” inside, he walks away to join his comrades.

In the distance you can see The other five vans, Two gray, one navy blue, one black and one white, all doors open and inspected CDN members Get your shoes on.

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In the cemented table At least 10 winning men speak, Between laughs. They all wore different “civilian” clothing and long arms, but some wore military boots and bulletproof vests to protect themselves if needed.

Someone in the crowd is wearing military camouflage, with a tactical helmet, a skeleton mask and a machine gun. Stoic and not to speak, this character was simply alert and protects members Northeast Cartel.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon advised residents of Nuevo Leon not to go to Tamaulipas due to insecurity (Photo: Quartoscoro)

The situation in which Northern Territory of Mexico It has gotten worse since October 2020, 70 missing persons have been registeredS, among them are trailer drivers and those who traveled only on the road to go to their families.

With this, on June 22nd, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, Governor of Nuevo Leon, promised it Already 17 people have been rescued Thank you for the work done by the public prosecutors supported by members of the National Guard and the Mexican Army.

However, 24 hours later, It is recommended that citizens do not travel by road to Laredo due to insecurity. “Our idea is to take care of our people, which is a piece of advice we should avoid at this point until we see that everything is calm in this matter,” he said.

At a press conference to establish a position on the cases of forced disappearances on the same highway, he said, “What is happening in the rhinoceros is public, so, Recommend that you refrain from returning to the population of Nuevo Leon unless it is urgentWait until everything is calm, there are those who have to travel for work, and first, they will find that our Secretary of Defense is looking. ”

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