May 18, 2024

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Celso Roth says Guardiola has copied 'original Brazilian' gameplay and challenges the Spanish: 'I want to see action here'

Celso Roth says Guardiola has copied ‘original Brazilian’ gameplay and challenges the Spanish: ‘I want to see action here’

champion before BarcelonaAnd Bayern Munich And today in ManchesterPep Guardiola is trying to get the English team to an unprecedented title for the current season. Champions League. Halfway through the mission, the Spaniard was “challenged” by Celso Roth.

matches Manchester By coach Pep Guardiola in Premier League you follow He lives By ESPN on Star +. click here for more information.

In an interview with the program’first review‘, No YoutubeRuth, who has worked for several Brazilian football giants, stated that Pep will face difficulties in Brazil due to the reality of the sport in the country.

“I want to see him (Guardiola) work here. Nothing against him, I think he’s excellent. I want to see him come into the middle of the competition, hear ‘that’s what we have here’, now he has to make the team move,” he certainly began.

“Guardiola has a great man, but he arrives at the end of the year and demands more players, regardless of the continent. We got here and they told us there was money for two or three reasonable signings. That is our reality.”

Former coach of BotafogoAnd flamingoAnd Vasco da GamaAnd Palm treesAnd SantosAnd SyndicateAnd international And Atletico MG NS Sea tripCelso Roth also spoke about the Spaniard’s playing style and stated that Brazilian coaches had already done “tiki-taka” in the past even before Guardiola.

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“Guardiola started with Barcelona’s way of playing, ‘tik tok’, ‘tok tik’ (sic), which was originally Brazilian. Everyone thought it was new. We copy others, but when they imitate us I think it’s something new. With all due respect to Guardiola, he left Barcelona. He went to Germany and had a problem. He arrived in Manchester (City), and he had a problem. How did he manage to fix the team? Won the English, but lost the Champions League Chelsea, two teams were perfectly balanced defensively, with interactive exits, in the modern sense. Because if I say get off the counterattack, they’ll call me a tooth. Chelsea were happier, they were the European champions.”