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Ceni keeps SPFC's future secret and regrets embezzlement in defeat - 10/12/2021

Ceni keeps SPFC’s future secret and regrets embezzlement in defeat – 10/12/2021

Coach Rogerio Ceni pointed out that embezzlement is one of the main reasons for Defeat Sao Paulo 2-0 To América-MG, last night (9), which ended the club’s worst campaign in Brazil for consecutive points. In addition, the idol in Sao Paulo remained uncertain about its continuation for 2022.

“A very unusual day. We lost four players a week, and today three more in the hotel. I think America was superior, but we had chances to win a few times. There were few options left. There is not much to do. The embezzlement affected that result, And the team was never again able to maintain the same level of play that it had against Juventud,” Ceni assessed.

For the match against Coelho, between injured and suspended, Tricolor did not have names like Arboleda, Liziero, Luciano, Gabriel Sara, Miranda, Nestor, Benítez and Pablo, for example.

On his future at the club, the coach said it will depend on the team’s situation for next season.

“It’s time to talk, and let’s do it and see what can be changed. It’s a pleasure to be in Sao Paulo, but I have a story here. Anything bad that happens in 2022 is a problem. Maybe because of me is very important. So much, I have to think more.” Once to see what the club’s real potential is in 2022,” said the coach, who ensured that he would request reinforcements from the board of directors, and commented on the position he wanted for the team:

“There is a shortage of individual positions, on the field side. It’s analytical and I’ll move on to the direction.”

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Check out Ceni’s other post-match responses:

Fan dissatisfaction scenario influences the decision to stay or not?

“Impossible. I have a lot of affection for the fans, I’ve always been treated very well. I’m worried about the size of this story so that it doesn’t get polluted by a bad campaign or a relegation. But overall I feel a lot of interest in the fans.”

Was it better to take over in 2022?

“Without a doubt, starting in 2022 would be much better, because it can start with the preparatory season, and the direction said that it was important for me to start there, which is why I came. It was done on the day I was invited to come to Morumbi. And I decided to take a risk so as not to I see Sao Paulo in a position where the other teams are.”

Does the cast match placement?

“It’s relative. Sao Paulo hasn’t been on the front page for a long time. When she had the chance to get in, she couldn’t take that step. Today with victory we would have finished ninth, and with a defeat we were thirteenth. The club and that worries me until we have a better fighting squad next year.”

Are you afraid of getting burned and being used as a shield?

“The shield does not exist. I am going into my fifth year as a coach, with the achievements of Fortaleza and Flamengo. History as an athlete will never be erased. If you analyze the curriculum in recent years, you will see why I am here. Human materials are going up, we have good players, but there are still others.” They should be supplemented with the squad we have. The decision to stay or not to stay depends on that.”

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Syndicate She was demoted. What do you see in this difficult time for some of the big clubs?

“I don’t know what happened in Grêmio. It’s sad to see a team with the history of Grêmio in the second division. What we see is that it always seems so far away from us, but it happens. I can’t go into this topic any further.”