June 21, 2024

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Ceni tells why he asked for Andre Anderson in Sao Paulo: 'Dynamic player' |  Sao Paulo

Ceni tells why he asked for Andre Anderson in Sao Paulo: ‘Dynamic player’ | Sao Paulo

Midfielder Andre Anderson was the last to be appointed by the team Sao Paulo in this conversion window. At 22, the player is little known in Brazil, having left the country at the age of 18 to work in Italy.

performance analysis department Sao PauloHowever, he set his sights on the athlete and gave the name to Rogério Ceni. Since then, the coach has begun to watch him and admire what he saw.

Last Monday, Andre Anderson was officially appointed as Tricolor’s new promotion on loan from Lazio, from Italy, until June 2023.

He has a body type that fits our playing style. He is another player who occupies one of the three midfield positions and even the second striker. It is a dynamic player, with good technical quality. I think he will help a lot on this long journey, we have more options for strength, he is a very similar player to Sarah, Igor Gomez, Nestor … a combination of each one. Good technique and physical strength – said Benny.

Andre Anderson trained for the first time in Sao Paulo – Photo: Disclosure

Andre Anderson debuts in a shirt Sao Paulo It could happen next Sunday, 4pm, against Flamengo, in the Maracana, for the Brazilian Championship. Chances are the midfielder could be related to the confrontation.

Since there have been quite a few training sessions with the team, the chance of you being a regular starter at the moment is still very far away. Earning minutes to pick up the rhythm of the match, however, is not ruled out.

Andre Anderson was revealed in the youth categories at Santos, and his best moment came in 2016, when he defended the Under-17 team. At Paulistau that year, the player scored 15 goals and fought for the tournament’s top scorer.

Last season, he defended Italian Salernitana on loan and helped the club reach the Serie A championship with 28 matches and scored five goals.

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