June 16, 2024

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Check out 4 groups of unhealthy foods

Check out 4 groups of unhealthy foods

Have you heard about some foods that just don’t go well with other foods? Certainly the most common example is mango with milk, but this combination does no harm to humans.

But it is indeed true that some foods in combination can be really harmful to health, as some prevent the full absorption of nutrients than others. This is exactly what we will talk about in this article. Check it out and happy reading!

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Therefore, managing groups and thinking about ways of eating is essential to avoid vitamin deficiencies. And to find out which foods you need to avoid, keep reading this article.

Foods That Don’t Match

It is not uncommon to find salads that combine tomatoes and cucumbers, however, experts do not recommend this combination. This is because the two vegetables, when together in the body, form new salts.

As a result of this mixture, we find swelling in the body in addition to inhibiting the absorption of vitamins important for our body. Therefore, it is preferable to eat foods separately.

In some parts of the country, you can usually find fruits such as strawberries, mangoes and bananas in the main meals. However, this habit must be suppressed, since their combination is harmful.

This is because while the fruits pass quite a bit through the stomach and into the intestines, the lunch takes a long time to be digested. With this, fermentation occurs in the stomach due to sugars, which results in heartburn and burning.

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This is something most of us are used to doing culturally, but it shouldn’t. In fact, there are already a number of studies that prove how dangerous this combination is, as it impairs digestion.

When we have lunch, dinner, or any fluid-soaked meal, we are cooperating with the slow digestion process. Thus, the most appropriate thing is that there is a reduction or extinction of this habit.

Say goodbye to steak with French fries, because this traditional dish only correlates with the palate, which is detrimental to digestion. Because when eating potatoes, alkalinity is necessary for digestion, while meat needs acid. So the result is confusion in the body that doesn’t know how to digest and ends up interrupting the process for a while.

In the end, this combination leads to a large number of gases and intestinal discomfort. In addition to these combinations, other types such as spinach with cheese, beer, nuts and even pasta with minced meat are also harmful.

Thus, the healthiest thing is to always research before preparing meals and always consult nutritionists. And if you were also surprised by these groups, do not forget to send this article to your friends who also need to know about it!