October 4, 2023

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Ciara 2×1 Iguato Championship Ciara: Game Over!  - Transfer

Ciara 2×1 Iguato Championship Ciara: Game Over! – Transfer

Ceará secured victory over Iguatu in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Ceará Championship. Mendoza and Ze Roberto scored from a penalty kick. Davi scored a goal for Iguato. The two teams faced each other on Tuesday (22), at Arena Castellao. The two teams meet again on Saturday in a crucial match.

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The return match will be held on Saturday (26), which is scheduled to take place at Morenao Stadium in Iguazu, 389 km from the capital, Ceará. Azulau refused an offer to send a decisive duel against Ciara at the Castellao Arena. The match qualifies for the state semi-finals.

Changes in Alvenegro

Coach Thiago Nunes has already tested all the defensive midfielder formations in 5 matches this season

Thiago argued it

Coach Thiago Nunes must make changes in Ceara regarding the team that started last Saturday’s game (19), against Atlético Alaguenhas-PA, for the Northeast Cup. Since he has avoided many stockholders, the Alvenegro captain must send maximum force into the field to build a useful score and advance the rating in the first match.

With that said, the trend is for players like Joao Ricardo, Luiz Ottavio, Michel Macedo, Fernando Sobral, Fina, Mendoza and Ze Roberto to become champions once again.

Even focusing on the Northeast Cup at the beginning of the year, in Purangapocho, there is no thought of giving up the State Cup.

“We want to fight for titles and win them. That’s the thought. We want to do it for the fans. We must have the ambition to always want to win. Of course, we have qualified opponents, but our work has been good,” said defender Messias, who should start Playing too, ‘It’s over and the focus should be winning; This is the least we can do for the Ciara Foundation.”

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Opponents of Ciara, Iguato finished the qualifying stage in fourth place, with 19 points in 14 matches played. So far, there have been five wins, four draws and five defeats.

The curious detail is that Azulão has a taboo, as he has never lost to Alvinegro. In general history, this will be the sixth match between the two teams, with three wins for Iguazu and two draws.

The main highlight of the team led by coach Washington Luiz is striker Romario, who has already scored seven goals and is the second-best scorer of the tournament, as he tied with Ari of Atletico CE, behind only Edson Karius, who scored eight goals. Another notable name is striker Otacilio Marcos, who scored four goals.

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Competition: Cearense Championship – Phase Two
Date: February 22, 2022
Time: 20 hours
Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Broadcasting: NordesteFC, Rádio Verdes Mares, Real Time from Diário do Nordeste
Referee: Antonio Magno Lima Cordero
Assistants: Arnaldo Rodriguez de Souza and Jose Morasi de Sousa e Silva

line up


Joao Ricardo, Michel Macedo, Messias, Luiz Ottavio and Victor Luis; Fernando Sobral, Richardson, Lima and Mendoza; Fina and Roberto. Coach: Thiago Nunes


Leo. Talison, Uzlis, Marconi, and Elefelton; Dodo, Bruno Meneses, Hugo Freitas and Batuta; Romario and Romario Baker. Coach: Washington Lewis

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