May 28, 2024

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"Confirmed by a person associated with football at the club";  Barça defender is questioned, but the high salary hinders

“Confirmed by a person associated with football at the club”; Barça defender is questioned, but the high salary hinders

Extremely packed in season, and flamingo Already changed the key after smash Syndicate The confrontation against Santos, Saturday (28), focuses on the Brazilian championship, at Villa Belmiro. Robro Negro will not be able to count on Bruno Henrique, who has suffered a muscle injury and the medical department has not set a date for his return.

Kennedy He has already arrived in Brazil and is wearing the holy mantle and will now take all the necessary tests to enter the field. The player has been loaned by Chelsea He comes to fight for the position. The defender still tempts the board (Braz and Spindel), but the top hat holders are trying to get rid of the matter so as not to attract competitors.

Another sector Fla plans to hire is the goalkeeper. Diego Alves She only has a bond until December 31 and her reservations are not trustworthy today. According to the commentator Mauro Saint Anna, Mengão goalkeeper survey grandsonWho will leave Barcelona?

(…) Flamengo has already conducted a player survey, and this was confirmed to me by someone associated with the football game at the club. Yes, he is an interesting player, but his numbers (his values) ended up frightening the Flamengo board, especially his salary: (the goalkeeper) receives more than 2 million Brazilian riyals per month (…]“, inform.

32-year-old grandson and shone He wears the Valencia shirt before being signed by Barcelona. Archer wants to work more regularly and his managers are open to suggestions from interested teams. Flamingo knows that the wall still has a market in Europe, and so it follows the situation.

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