September 24, 2023

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Corinthians do internal analysis on serving match against Atletico-PR

Corinthians do internal analysis on serving match against Atletico-PR

The Corinthians board of directors has begun an internal analysis of the broadcast of the match against Atletico Paranines on Sunday. Two platforms have already announced that they will be showing the game live: A Youth Radio Pan (via YouTube) H a gencia 3C Gaming (via Twitch on the Nobro channel). The reversal was immediate at Parque São Jorge.

a report My Timon Found that since the announcement, The club’s legal and marketing departments were called in to analyze the problem., where Corinthians will participate in the broadcast and has an exclusive contract with Globo TV (on all platforms).

There is still no definition of what actions the Corinthians should take, But the board plans to complete its internal analysis by the start of Friday.

The match, valid for the seventeenth round of the Brazilian Championship, will be held on Sunday, at 4 pm. The game will also be presented by Globo.

Understand the Athletico-PR . version

Athletico-PR has a dispatch agreement with Globo TV For games on open TV and with Turner For games on closed TV. However, without an agreement signed by the pay-per-view programs, the club decided to conduct its broadcasts with the help of a specialized company, live mode.

It did so based on an injunction granting the right to broadcast all matches of the Brazilian Championship at the Arena da Baixada. Even as Mandant’s Representative was ousted in the House of Representatives, Athletico-PR secured injunction.

a Globo network (Open TV and pay-per-view broadcast rights holder) is still trying to overturn the injunction that Paraná won.

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