June 21, 2024

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Corinthians know the dates and times of the clashes with the Libertadores.  see table

Corinthians know the dates and times of the clashes with the Libertadores. see table

Corinthians learned the dates and times of their first commitments to the Copa Libertadores, released by CONMEBOL on Saturday. Timão makes his debut against Always Ready on April 5th.

The groups, noteworthy, were drawn on Friday. Timao will play as a contender as well as Bolivia’s Always Reddy, Colombia’s Deportivo Cali and Argentina’s Boca Juniors.

Timão’s first commitment in the competition will be outside the Neo Química Arena. The first match will take place on April 5, Tuesday, against Always Ready from Bolivia., at 21:30. The match will be held at the Hernando Seles Stadium in La Paz, and will be broadcast on the open signal channel. SBT See the full schedule of the Corinthian Games below.

First appearance at Neo Química Arena after eight days of commitment in Bolivia. On April 13, Timão will face Deportivo Cali from Colombia, at 9 pm, with an exclusive broadcast on the closed channel. ESPN. The next round, on April 26, will take place at Corinthians Stadium, against Boca Juniors, at 9:30 pm, with both broadcasts broadcasting: ESPN and SBT.

Round two also starts away from home, when Timao faces Deportivo Cali again. Corinthians’ return begins on May 4, at 9pm, at the Colombian team’s stadium.

Timão concludes his participation in the group stage with matches on May 17 and 26 against Boca Juniors and Always Ready, respectively. To make up for the first round, the match against Argentina will be played away from home, but the last match will be played at the New Coimica Arena, against the Bolivian national team.

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It is important to remember that Corinthians will have to split between Libertadores and Brasilero. The Timao National Championship is scheduled to kick off on April 10 against Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro. From this date, the team alternates performance between the two championships.

Take a look at Corinthians’ matches against the Libertadores

April 5th: Always Ready x Corinthians 9:30 p.m. at Hernando Siles Stadium
April 12: Corinthians vs Deportivo Cali, 9pm, at the New Coimica Arena
April 26: Corinthians vs Boca, 21:30, at the New Coimica Arena
May 4: Deportivo Cali vs Corinthians, 9pm, at Deportivo Cali Stadium
May 17: Boca Juniors vs Corinthians, 21:30, La Bombonera
May 26: Corinthians x Always Ready, 9 p.m., at the Neo Química Arena

Check out our upcoming Corinthians games

Corinth next matches
History Confrontation competition
March 27,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Sao Paulo vs Corinthians
Broadcasting: Record TV, HBO Max, Premiere, Paulistão Play
April 05,
Tuesday, 21:30
Always ready x Corinthians
Broadcasting: Conmebol TV and SBT
April 10,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Botafogo vs Corinthians Brazilian
April 13,
Wednesday, 21:00
Corinthians vs Deportivo Cali
Broadcasting: ESPN
April 17,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Corinth x Avai Brazilian
April 24,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Palmeiras vs Corinthians Brazilian
April 26,
Tuesday, 21:30
Corinthians vs Boca Juniors
Broadcasting: ESPN and SBT
May 01,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Corinthians vs Fortaleza Brazilian
May 04,
Wednesday, 21:00
Deportivo Cali vs Corinthians
Broadcasting: Konmebol TV
May 08,
Sunday, 4:00 pm
Red Bull Bragantino vs Corinthians match Brazilian

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