June 21, 2024

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Coronavirus in SC: Ministry of Health reorganizes testing flows and Covid-19 criteria

Photo: Mauricio Vieira/Secom

On Monday the 11th, the State Gazette publishes this Ordinance SES 1101, which will reorganize the flows and standards to implement the Extended Testing Strategy for the Coronavirus in Santa Catarina. The decree, in its nine pages, examines vaccine escape, the occurrence of infection 28 days after full vaccination, re-infection, and the potential for outbreaks of Covid-19, with increases in influenza syndrome, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) and confirmed deaths with epidemiological association, as well as To suspected cases, remote laboratory tests, close contact, isolation and types of quarantine needed.

Check out the full law here

In accordance with Decree 1101, which repealed 948 and 961, municipalities began to adopt measures to ensure the expanded supply of test points and to carry out monitoring in primary care for suspected symptoms. It remains to determine virus infection by RT-qPCR or TR-AG. SES directs broad testing in industries, schools, and other institutions with audiences restricted and limited, on an equal footing, in the new decree.

The display and implementation of rapid tests must be linked to a clinical laboratory, collection point or public health service and all records must be notified to the SC digital platform and e-SUS, including by private organizations and outside of SES. It also requires the state to monitor respiratory syndromes and to give full attention to municipal primary care.

As for isolation, Order 1101 specifies that all suspected cases must follow a 10-day guidance, counted from the onset of symptoms. Immunosuppressed patients, regardless of the clinical form of the disease, should be kept in isolation for at least 20 days from the date of onset of symptoms. The Secretariat also advises that if symptoms persist after ten days, seek medical attention.

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“Laboratory testing aims to increase the level of preparedness, vigilance and response to identify, monitor and care for new cases of COVID -19 in the state, in accordance with the recommendations of the Strategic Plan for Preparation and Response for Global Health. Regulation. With this, we believe it is necessary to update and reorganize the flows,” concluded Minister of State for Health Andrei Mota Ribeiro.

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