June 20, 2024

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Coupista deceived Sao Paulo with the sponsor and the former Cruzeiro and Flamengo reveal TV

Coupista deceived Sao Paulo with the sponsor and the former Cruzeiro and Flamengo reveal TV

A man who took a sponsor for a São Paulo shirt has been charged with several frauds

NS Sao Paulo Insurance brokerage iSure’s branding has been stamped on his shirt for three games in 2020. Behind the scenes of the deal, broker Lucas Jeronymo de Moraes’ involvement is one of the keys to the partnership that has lasted a bit.

TV Globo’s Fantástico revealed that Moraes delivered several strikes in football, also hurting young players by introducing himself as a manager, as well as Augusto Recife, the 38-year-old athlete, the Brazilian champion. Sea trip pass through flamingo.

With Sao Paulo, Moraes has been directly linked to a sponsorship agreement with iSure, which has featured on the back of the three-match uniform. The problem is that the club did not receive the agreed amounts, which brought the case to court today.

Moraes had presented himself as a businessman for the company and suggested hiring the broker’s brand and then entering into a sponsorship contract with São Paulo. Before, also negotiate with SantosBut the deal was not closed.

With São Paulo, the contract was signed. iSure has agreed to give its trademark to Moraes for R$5 million, the same amount that will be paid to the club under the sponsorship agreement. Without being paid, Morumbi’s team imposes a fine of R$2.5 million on the company in court.

On the other hand, Augusto Recife met Moraes as a man connected to the investors. Through him the midfielder agreed to play for Arabongas, from Paraná, with the promise of a salary of 18,000 Brazilian riyals.

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“They said people have a lot of money, true, but it was all a lie. I paid R$250 in one week, R$250 in another. In the three months I was there, I think the total I received was R$1,500.” said the player.

In the report, Moraes denied any connection to football and did not explain his involvement in the iSure deal with Sao Paulo.

“I’m not talking about the company, about the process. I don’t have relationships… I don’t have anything to do with this football issue, with the issue of getting the money, I’m no longer a part of it, I’ve never been part of that, I’ve never been a manager of a football player.” Foot “.