September 28, 2023

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Court of Justice imposes new ruling on UNAMID Cuiaba | Oncomed-MT, 25 years old for life

Unimed Cuiabá must guarantee customers who have signed a contract with the health plan until July 31, 2021, the broadest access to Oncomed-MT’s chemotherapy and radiotherapy services and treatments. This is what the Mato Grosso Court of Justice (TJMT) determines when responding to a formal application made by the State Prosecutor’s Office against UNAMID Cuiaba.

The initial decision was made by Judge Maria Erotides Knip, who noted that there was evidence that UNAMID Cuiaba had acted irregularly in discrediting UNCOMED, ​​without respecting established rules. “(…) so that in-service coverage for health plan beneficiaries must be ensured for all consumers who entered prior to exclusion of ONCOMED infrequently,” the judge notes in the decision.

The injunction strengthens the rights of cancer patients in Mato Grosso. On August 16, 2021, the state court has already decided that Oncomed-MT will continue to perform chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients whose health plan is Unimed Cuiabá. The measure, which also included state and national exchange patients, actually made the exclusion of services, imposed by the health plan, into a unilateral act null and void.

From now on, unrestricted patients who have signed a contract with the health plan through July 31, 2021 are also guaranteed access to chemotherapy and radiotherapy from Oncomed-MT.

Both decisions are related to the general civil action filed by the Sixth Prosecutor of the Civil Court – Collective Consumer Protection. In proving the latest position of the judiciary, Judge Maria Erotides Realize the importance of the services provided by Oncomed-MT. “I also register that the above health unit is a reference in oncology in Mato Grosso, as noted by the single judge, being the only one in radiosurgery treatment, including, after exclusion, cancer patients were referred to the last health unit outside the state proving non-compliance the governing law.”

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care and dignity – “We will continue to care for all our patients and welcome those who seek our services. The fight against cancer is an uphill battle and extends to cancer patients. The right to choose is to take care of their health, quality of life and dignity,” stated Clinic Director and Founder, Oncologist Cristina Guimaraes Inocencio.¬icia=8203tribunal-de-justica-impoe-nova-determinacao-a-unimed-cuiaba