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Covid-19 infections surge 34% in two weeks in the Federal District

Covid-19 infections surge 34% in two weeks in the Federal District

Published on 07/09/2021 9:06 PM

The moving average for deaths from the disease was stable for four days – (Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

You are Cases of COVID-19 virus in the Federal District are increasing Since a week. This Tuesday (7/9), the Contagion Moving Average – the account used to ease delays in notifications and make it easier to view the pandemic – reached 902.6. On August 24, 14 days ago, the number was 673.6 which is an increase of 34%.

The moving average of deaths from disease remained stable for four days. The stability table shows that the variance of the data at 2 weeks was less than 15%, for both the most and the least. With 14.6 on Tuesday (7/9), the index grew by 3.25% compared to August 24.

The daily bulletin of the Department of Health confirmed the occurrence of 12 deaths due to the disease, one of which occurred this Tuesday (7/9). Four deaths go back to May-July, the rest in September. three The ages of the victims ranged between 40 and 59 yearsThe others were in the over 60 age group. The secretariat confirmed more than 646 cases of the disease on Tuesday.

With updates, the total number of infections in the Federal District is 476,789, of which 458,257 (96.1%) are considered recovered patients. Since the start of the pandemic, 10,156 people have died from covid-19 in DF.

a disease transmission rate, indicating viral replication, is 0.92. The figure shows that for every 100 infected people they can infect 92 others. On that Monday (9/6), the rate was 0.94, and on Sunday it was 0.97.

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