May 29, 2024

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Cristina Lizardo: “It’s time to show what is being done to damage the image of the PLD.”

Cristina Lizardo, a former senator from the province of Santo Domingo, said it was time to prove that what is being done with the current government is tarnishing the image of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). The social assistance programs implemented by Purple maintain the same functions.

He, a member of the PLD political committee, also said that since the Progresando Con Solidarity project was recently renamed Superate, he would like the processes to indicate performance, confirming that the final assessment will be from the people.

“In the meantime we continue to strengthen the PLD because we can reclaim and highlight everything we have done in support of the Dominican community,” Lizardo said in an interview with journalist Lorenni Solano on the Dominican show Good Night.

Christina Lizardo called on the comrades to put down their particular attitudes and invite them to think collectively as the party reorganizes the house to come back to power in 2024.

“The main role they have to play at this time is to have a party with colleagues who know how we can insert ourselves,” he said. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

“We are preparing for it, we are preparing our colleagues so that they have that contribution in every community and they can develop leadership and every colleague can have every colleague with aspirations at every level and at every level. It also urges them to know the line and its electoral line, ”he explained

The leader of the PLD in the province of Santo Domingo said that despite the court cases involving former officials of the previous administration and the brothers of President Danilo Medina, it would not prevent the party from continuing to serve and that they alone were holding on to it. Guarantees for fair protection are in accordance with the appropriate procedure to be followed.

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Above all, he said, “People are grateful for the opportunities and the contributions they have made to the country during the PLD governments.”

He said the dilemma of ensuring that the PLD would never return to power was “part of the struggle in communities like ours, where every party wants to show its muscles” and meanwhile, they continue to fulfill their duty to strengthen the party, without despair.

Regarding the execution of the current government led by the member of the political committee of the Purple Party and Louis Abinader, they consider that they are trying to use “what they have seized”.

He stressed that the coordination of the ninth Jose Joaquin Pite Medina Congress was a very interesting act due to the challenges posed by the epidemic.

The role of women and youth in political life is very important because no party can be strengthened without taking these taxes into account, because “women vote more than men, participate more actively and overcome obstacles. Whatever they are, they are supportive, they form meetings to see how they handle differences, and I was very excited about that process because the moment of election is coming, said the party secretary, then the election of members of the political committee “PLD”.

“We show resilience, resilience and resilience. The eagle must age, renew itself, change its beak and remove its flying feathers. This is a natural process for humans,” Lizardo thought.