June 21, 2024

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Curitiba wins a new specialized treatment center from SUS

Curitiba wins a new specialized treatment center from SUS

new medical care center for treatment Oncology, kidney, liver, heart disease and neurosurgery from Unique Health System (SUS) opened last Tuesday (19) in Curitiba. The structure is part of the expansion project in Sao Vicente Hospitallocated in the center of the capital, Parana, with investments from the Paraná State Department of Health.

The renovation of the building, which Ibama has awarded for 20 years, will cost R$2.3 million and will allow for the expansion of patient care with the help of SUS. Work began in July 2020 and was completed in January 2022.

“It is an achievement not only for São Vicente Hospital, but for the residents of Paraná, Curitiba and the metropolitan area. Our mission is ‘Your life, our priority’, so we are taking another step towards respecting the lives of people referred to São Vicente Hospital “, revealed the director of Grupo Hospitalar São Vicente- FUNEF, d. Charles London.

“Hospital Sao Vicente is a reference in what it is proposed to do in the field of cancer treatment, in transplants that are performed par excellence. But more important than the physical structure are the assets that we have, the knowledge assets of the specialists of the Hospital of Sao Vicente, because this is invaluable for the treatment of the health of our state ” Ratino Jr. said. “More so with SUS, for people who are unable to pay for treatment or a health plan,” said Parana Governor Ratino Jr., who was present at the opening ceremony of the new ward.

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Helping the elderly

The project of the new center for specialties and chemotherapy has also been registered with the Municipal Fund for Older Persons of the Curitiba Foundation for Social Work (FAS) to assist in the setting up and equipping of the structure. Today, about 60% of calls are for seniors.

The new Center for Specialties and Chemotherapy is attached to the Hospital of São Vicente Curitiba, in Rua Brigadeiro Franco, 1733 – Centro.

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