May 21, 2024

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Cuyap City Council |  The Ministry of Health advises the population of cases of influenza syndrome

Cuyap City Council | The Ministry of Health advises the population of cases of influenza syndrome

With more than 75% of the target audience vaccinated against influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2) and influenza B, Cuiaba does not experience an outbreak, as it does in other Brazilian capitals. As of Friday (17), three cases of H3N2 have been reported, according to the Infectious Disease Surveillance and Municipal Health Administration (SMS) conditions. Although emergency care units (UPAs), polyclinics and basic health units (UBS) receive high demand from people with flu-like symptoms, the vast majority are treated for colds, which is neither mandatory notification nor Influenza is fought by a vaccine that only prevents severe cases, as we mentioned earlier.

According to UPA Norte’s clinical director, Renan Mancio, certain factors lead to an increase in flu cases at this time of year. “These seasonal increases occur depending on weather conditions, such as the rainy season that we are experiencing in our state. We cannot forget the period of the epidemic that we are also in. So, even if the focus is on Covid-19, other flu syndromes are also emerging,” he says.

The doctor also explains that the symptoms of common influenza syndrome and the Covid-19 virus are similar at first, but some signs may indicate a more serious condition, such as excessive shortness of breath, decreased saturation, and a high temperature. “These symptoms lead us to turn on the alarm and pay more attention to the patient. But in general, it is difficult to separate the mild symptoms of common flu syndrome from Covid-19. We treat it in a similar way, with colds, pain relievers and a lot of hydration. The vast majority cure themselves. On average it’s 5 to 7 days,” he says.

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Renan Mancio also advises residents where to seek medical help in case of a cold or the flu. “We have to understand that the SUS is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary care. The basic structure in Cuiaba is well-equipped. Therefore, in the case of mild symptoms, the ideal is to look for the nearest UBS and leave the most severe cases to the dispensary or the UPA, which is Those that are notified.”