May 25, 2024

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Depending on Russia, the EU can not follow the US and UK sanctions

Sao Paulo – After the United States and the United Kingdom announced a decision to suspend gas and oil imports from Russia, the European Union was pressured to follow a similar path, but a suspension would be impossible in the short term. . Yesterday (8), barrel Brent type rose about 7%Exceeds the mark of US $ 130 per barrel, mainly due to the US veto, but reduced its volume to its highest level since 2008 on Monday. An even bigger increase was avoided after Germany was denied the opportunity to ban. Russian goods give the European economy their “essential” character.

Even with War in Ukraine, Germany continues to import gas from Russia via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, threatening on Tuesday that its supply would be reduced in response to Moscow sanctions. Over the next two days, Putin signed a decree banning the export of certain products and raw materials.

European bias in Russian energy

Advice by Spanish vehicle according to experts Diary, It is impossible to stop Russian imports today in the midst of the worst energy crisis the continent has experienced in recent decades. About 40% of gas and 25% of oil comes from Russia by the EU.

On Sunday (6), the CEO of the French engine, Catherine McGregor, said in an interview. Les Echoes That Europe would not be able to give up gas overnight from Russia. “Without Russian gas, we would be entering a serious situation“, He noted.” Available resources are scarce “and” not enough to completely replace the gas we receive from Russia.

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The European Union and the continent generally differ in the number of countries led by Vladimir Putin with the minimum weight of goods imported by the United States. By 2021, 8% of U.S. oil and oil imports came from Russia, and the Biden administration already has Established contacts with Venezuela At a meeting in Caracas to replace the suspended supply, Nicolas Maduro broke his years of isolation from his government.

The UK, on ​​the other hand, is “exploring options” for this deviation, which will not happen all at once. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that “Russia’s gas or oil supply cannot be stopped overnight.” The Russians supply 8% of the country’s crude oil and 4% of its gas.

Russia accumulates 6.2% of the world’s oil reserves and is the third largest producer after Saudi Arabia and the United States, accounting for 12% of global trade and 15% of refined trade.

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