September 29, 2023

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Mesmo com problemas nos freios Danilo Lewis soma pontos nos EUA

Despite the brake problems, Danilo Lewis scored points in the United States – the regional diary

Osasco rider Danilo Lewis had a tough weekend during the second phase of the Moto America 2022 controversy in Atlanta, USA. The driver competed in three races and, despite the difficulties, scored his first points of the current season.

He started 11th on the Yuasa Stock 1000. However, in the beginning, Danilo suffered from problems with the rear brake of his bike, which lasted until the final checkpoint. Still, he was 12th, three seconds behind American Jeremy Coffee.

In the Superbike category, two races took place. He started first in 20th place and finished 14th. In the warm-up between the two races, he finished 17th. He started 20th in the second race and finished 13th.

Results Moto America 2022 added Danilo to the first points. He is ranked 20th with five points. The leader is accompanied by Italian Danilo Petrucci 75, Matthew Schultz of South Africa 60 and Cameron Peterson 49 of South Africa.

“It’s not the weekend with the results we expected, we know what to do to return to the forefront, there are plenty of opportunities we can be there,” Lewis said on social media.

The next phase will take place from May 20 to 22 at the Virginia International Raceway in the United States.

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