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Doncic leads, the Mavericks stop the warriors' reaction, avoid the sweep |  NBA

Doncic leads, the Mavericks stop the warriors’ reaction, avoid the sweep | NBA

Leading 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, the Golden State Warriors began to relax and let the gap reach 29 points at the start of the final quarter of Game 4. But the Reserves had other ideas. They went in and closed the gap to 8, with 3:23 on the clock to play. Then the owners returned to the court. end of the reaction. The Mavs held onto a 119-109 win on Tuesday night and avoided a sweep.

Luka Doncic was the Mavericks top scorer with 30, as well as 14 rebounds and 9 assists. But unlike Game 3, the supporting characters appeared. Dorian Finney Smith scored 23 points. Reggie Bullock, who was zero in the last duel, scored 18 points. The team took 20 of 43 shots from the ocean and would have had a quiet victory had it not been for the negligence in the final stage.

Highlights: Golden State Warriors 109-119 Dallas Mavericks, NBA Western Finals

By the Warriors, Stephen Curry scored 20 points, but in the 32nd minute he was on the field, the team lost by 23 points. Rookie Jonathan Kominga scored 17 goals, but in the 21st minute, Golden State won with 9. Low energy, the team dominated in the second and third rounds, and seemed to be already focused on the fifth game, on Thursday, in San Francisco. It will be the second chance to return to the NBA Finals after three years.

"He's up!" Warriors trainer Steve Kerr gives emotional testimony after another US shooting

“He’s up!” Warriors trainer Steve Kerr gives emotional testimony after another US shooting

Luka Doncic (30 points, 14 res, 9 sets)
Dorian Finney Smith (23 points, 6 reese, 4 baskets of three)
Reggie Bullock (18 points, 6 baskets of three)
Jalen Bronson (15 points, 5 res, 5 sts)
Maxi Clipper (13 points, 8 reps, 3 blocks)
Spencer Dinwiddy (10 points, 8 points)

the Warriors
Stephen Curry (20 points, 5 reps, 8 sixes)
Jonathan Cominga (17 points, 8 reps)
Jordan Paul (14 points, 4 points)
Andrew Wiggins (13 points, 5 reps)
Clay Thompson (12 points)
Draymond Green (10 points, 6 res, 6 sts)
Moses Moody (10 points)

Luka Doncic is taking advantage of tags – Photo: Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Mavericks 30
26- The Devil

Mavericks 8
8 . warriors

Points resulting from transformations
Mavericks 9
6 . warriors

Galen Bronson climbs to the basket – Photo: Kevin Jayraj-USA Today Sports

points in the bottle
Mavericks 36
Warriors 44

offensive/defensive follow-ups
Mavericks 4/41
Warriors 6/36

Second Chance Points
Mavericks 3
warriors 9

field shots
Mavericks 41/82 (50%)
Warriors 41/84 (49.4%)

three shots
Mavericks 20/43 (46.5%)
Warriors 10/28 (35.7%)

free throws
Mavericks 17/22 (77.3%)
Warriors 17/26 (65.4%)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

Second period – Mavericks 34 to 23: Coach Kerr simultaneously removed Curry and Draymond Wiggins from the field. With rookies Cominga and Moody, in addition to Looney, Dallas made a 16-2 streak, the difference reached 17, with the Warriors playing carelessly. Doncic and Bronson scored 13 points. Curry scored 15 in the first half. He scored from 62 to 47 in the first half.

Luka Doncic Mavericks Stadium – Photo: Kevin Jayraj-USA Today Sports

Third Period – Mavericks 37 to 23: Practically speaking, the Warriors dominated again in the third quarter, with a rain of three balls. Four Mavericks players have scored 15 or more points so far, with Doncic leading by 21 points, plus 14 rebounds and 7 assists. Golden State beginners rested before the end of the quarter. Score from 99 to 70.

Fourth Period – Warriors 39 to 20: Golden State’s reserve shrank to 8, a gap of 29. But when coach Kerr decided to bring back the Novices, the Mavericks dominated the action and were able to finish the night with a victory. The next duel is Thursday in San Francisco.

Game 1 (5/18): Warriors 112 x 87 MAFS
Game 2 (5/20): Warriors 126 x 117 MAFS
Game 3 (22/05): MAFS 100 x 109 Warriors
Fourth match (24/05): MAFS 119 × 109 Warriors
Game 5 (5/26): Warriors vs. Mavis at 10pm
Game 6 (5/28): Mavs v Warriors at 10pm (if needed)
Game 7 (5/30): Warriors v Mavs at 9pm (if needed)