October 2, 2023

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Dorival Júnior and Flamengo agree to pay R$575,000/month for the "level A" side of the market

Dorival Júnior and Flamengo agree to pay R$575,000/month for the “level A” side of the market


Rubro-Negro is very strong in the ball market and wants to close with the latest enhancements

- Dorival Junior
© Photo: Joao Vitor Resende Borba / AGIF– Dorival Junior

a flamingo Continue preparing for the confrontation against Atletico MGNext Sunday (19) in Mineirao. The team won the last round and is more confident in Minas Gerais. On the other hand, the rival is in a crisis and Turkish coach Mehmet must be sacked in the event of Atletico’s defeat to Mingao at home.

While waiting for the arrival Everton chivesdear is also close to confirming an important exit: Mauritius Island. The right-back is in advanced negotiations with Universidad Católica and the deal should close in July. It is not part of the club’s plans, nor is it in Dorival Junior, the coach who has now arrived to replace Paulo Sousa.

The good news is that Isla’s impending departure will open up space on the payroll and that Flamengo already know what to do: they’re trying to persuade Montell, River Plate, formerly and currently in Seville, to return to South America, thus wearing the red and black jersey. This journalist knew that the idea was to introduce the Argentine 575,000 Brazilian riyals monthly bonus plus.

The idea is also to try a deal with Seville for a season-long loan with an option or even an obligation to buy. It counterbalances the factor that Montel recently arrived at the Spanish club and the Europeans paid a heavy price to get him: around 10 million euros (53.6 million Brazilian riyals at the current price).

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Fortunately, Montell does not seem to have adapted at all to Spanish football. He’s played quite a few games, he’s not done well, and there’s even some criticism of the football he plays about the value he was. invest. Flamengo continues to talk and tries to reconcile something possible between the two parties.