May 20, 2024

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Durant scores triple, Nets convert in last minute and beat Sixers |  NBA

Durant scores triple, Nets convert in last minute and beat Sixers | NBA

Since pre-season, the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets have made more headlines for Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving’s off-court affairs than basketball. But when the ball went up without the two superstars, the teams played Friday night’s game in Philadelphia. The visitors’ victory by 114-109 tastes of an epic comeback.

It was curling 47 minutes ago on the scoreboard. The 48-second lead came on the clock after 13-0 in the closing game. Kevin Durant scored a triple-double with 19 points, 15 rebounds and 12 assists. LaMarcus Aldridge came off the bench and has 23 points and 5 rebounds. James Harden was the other lead, with 20 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. The team has recovered from its first loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and now faces the Hornets at home on Sunday.

Durant e Embiid disputam jogada – Photo: Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images

On the Sixers’ side, Ben Simmons met his teammates and coach Doc Rivers, and it appears he’s made up for it. However, he asked for some time to get back into the games. Without his starting goalkeeper, Tobias Harris was the team’s goalkeeper with 23 points, as well as 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Seth Curry also scored 23.

Tobias Harris (23 points, 7 res, 4 ASTs)
Seth Curry (23 points, 4 races)
Joel Embiid (19 points, 8 res, 4 sts, 4 tokos)

Kevin Durant (29 points, 15 races, 12 points)
James Harden (20 points, 7 races, 8 stars)
LaMarcus Aldridge (23 points, 5 reps)

Ben Simmons (personal issues)
Milton Shake (ankle)

Kyrie Irving (discharged due to lack of vaccine)

Sixers 17
26 . networks

Court shots
Sixers 43/91 (47.3%)
Networks 41/88 (46.6%)

three shots
Sixers 14/26 (38.9%)
Nets 12/38 (31.6%)

Lance Books
Sixers 9/11 (81.8%)
20/24 networks (83.3%)

Results chart – Photo: NBA

First period – Sixers 34 to 28: The Sixers started lane and opened a 14-point lead, 11-0 in the transition in the first round. Tobias Harris scored 12 and Seth Curry 10 for the home team. Eight-year-old Kevin Durant helped keep the nets in the game. LaMarcus Aldridge came off the bench and made another 8, always in a distinguished shot from medium distance. Each team kicked 10 balls out of the ocean, but Brooklyn hit 2 and Sixers 6.

The third half – nets from 30 to 29: Brooklyn didn’t reach the lead at any point in the first three quarters, even though Kevin Durant already had a double (25-10-10). On the flip side, Joel Embiid got up and scored 10 points in the third round, for a total of 19. In games, Brooklyn is 11 to 6, which generated 17 points for the Sixers to 5. Scoring from 91 to 85 for the home team.

Fourth period – nets from 29 to 18: The Nets run 13 points to zero in the last five minutes to turn the tables with 48 seconds on the clock. In the final moments, the Sixers held a free throw and the final inning ended 16-1 for the New Yorkers, who are recovering from the defeat to the Bucks in great style.

10/24 – Thunder (Forums)
10/26 Knicks (Forums)
10/28 – pistons (inside)

24/10 – Hornets (Casa)
10/25 – wizards (house)
27/10 – Heat (Casa)

  • Cleveland Cavaliers 112
    Charlotte Hornets 123

A balanced duel until the last quarter in Cleveland. Highlighting Miles Bridges, of Hornets (1v-1d), with 30 points. On the Cavs’ side (0w-2l), Colin Sexton scored 33 without his injured partner Darius Garland.

  • Orlando Magic 96
    New York Knicks 121

Overtook the Knicks (2-0) who opened 30 points in the first half. Julius Randle came close to a triple-double with 21 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

  • Washington Wizards 135
  • 83- Masoud
    115 Raptors

Novice Scotty Barnes exploded in his second game of the season with 25 points and 13 rebounds in the Raptors’ easy (1-1) win. With the season opener at home, the Celtics were disappointed (0-2) in the second half, with a score of 64-36 against them. Jason Tatum scored 18 points. Jaylen Brown, only 9 years old.

  • Chicago Bulls 128
    112- Masoud

Lonzo Ball scored a double triple with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, his first in a Bulls shirt (2-0), which is still exciting. Zach Lavigne scored 32 points. DeMar DeRozan, 26. For the Pelicans (0-2), without Zion Williamson (a foot injury), Brandon Ingram scored 26 goals and scored. Brazilian Didi Lozada has yet to enter the field this season.

  • Houston Rockets 124
    Oklahoma City Thunder 91

Christian Wood led the Rockets (1-1) with 31 points and 14 rebounds, as the Oklahoma City Thunder ran over the young Oklahoma City (0-2). Shay Gilgus Alexander and Mike Moskala were the goalkeepers of the visiting team with only 13 points.