September 29, 2023

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EMILY CASE |  Justice decides to transfer within 24 hours to the specialized hospital - ONDA POÇOS

EMILY CASE | Justice decides to transfer within 24 hours to the specialized hospital – ONDA POÇOS

As the court decided on Thursday, 07, 20-year-old Emily Gregorio Estevez was transferred to a hospital specializing in the care of burn victims. The decision was signed by Judge Paulo Rubens Salomao Caputo.

Emily was hospitalized at the Hospital Santa Casa de Bocos de Caldas for a week, after suffering burns on 70% of her body. The young woman had an accident while preparing her food during the coffee harvest season. Since the day he was admitted to the hospital, his family and friends have rallied through social media for a place in a specialist hospital.

The municipal health department announced, through the press office, on Thursday, that it has already turned to the regional health department, the health department of Belo Horizonte. The file also stated that Minister Carlos Mosconi had tried to contact the doctors at João 23 Hospital, and that he was awaiting admission.

Council members Denny Lennon, Lucas Arruda and Thiago Praz were wanted by the young woman’s family and with two other lawyers, they sought the prosecution. On Thursday evening, the judge decided to transfer Emily within 24 hours to the specialized hospital in Belo Horizonte. If the court order is not complied with, the prescribed penalty is R$500 per day, currently limited to R$50,000.

According to Santa Casa’s advice, on Thursday morning, the young woman is still in the hospital in Poços de Caldas.

Already around The second young woman who suffered burns on her body last Saturday 02, After an argument with her boyfriend. The Santa Casa advisor reports that Mayara Alves da Silva Rojas, 24, is still in hospital and there are no expectations of her transfer.

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