May 29, 2024

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England sends 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe;

England sends 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe;

After more than two months of war, the conflict continues in military expansion. This Friday (29) the United Kingdom confirmed the deployment of 8,000 troops to conduct military exercises in Eastern Europe. According to Lt. Gen. Ralph Woods, commander of the British Army, the UK is working to “prevent more aggression than Europe has in this century.”

The trainings are already being carried out with about 18,000 employees North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Poland, Russia’s neighbors.

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The European Union has already sent about 1.5 billion euros (approximately R $ 7.5 billion) worth of arms to Kiev. Germany has confirmed the deployment of 50 Gepard air defense tanks and plans to launch 100 Marder infantry vehicles and 88 Leopard 1A5s, while Poland has shipped 50 T-72 tanks and about $ 1.6 million worth of weapons.

“NATO allies are preparing to provide long-term support, and Ukraine will need more training to transition from old Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO weapons and systems,” said NATO Secretary-General. , Jens Stoltenberg, last Thursday (28).

Moscow and Kiev agree to open a dozen humanitarian corridors in Ukrainian territory / Ed Jones / AFP

Energy problem

Then Stopping Russian gas sales to Poland and Bulgaria Germany may be the next country to stop buying fuel from the Russian state-owned Gasprom because the contracts have not been paid in rubles.

At least a month ago the country had already implemented the contingency plan, and now German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has said that citizens should be prepared.

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President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, From April 1, Cosprom issued a decree in March that all sales should be in rubles, for a list of 45 countries considered hostile. The European Union issued a statement refusing to accept the move, saying it would reflect a breach of contract.

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But, the volume split. Austria has already said it will pay in rubles, while Germany’s largest Russian gas importer, Uniper Energy, said on Thursday it was exploring the possibility of paying Russia in euros per account.

“The dependence of many European countries, including Germany, on importing fossil fuels from Russia is a challenge,” Scholes said during a trip to Japan last Thursday (28).

Russia, which has the world’s largest natural gas reserves, supplies about 40% of the country’s demand for this fuel in the European Union.

Ukraine – EU agreement

Ukraine has signed a new trade agreement with the European Union, which provides for the collection of taxes on Ukrainian products imported by the Confederation.

President Volodymyr Zhelensky He described the deal as “unprecedented support for the plight of Ukrainian manufacturers and exporters.”

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The Ukraine is the fourth largest wheat exporter Supplies corn, steel, oils and plant residues to the world, but not to Europe.

On the other hand, Russia has decided to reduce its imports of grain and sugar in order to prioritize the domestic market.

Kiev and Moscow are responsible for exporting 30% of the world’s consumed wheat, 19% of corn and 80% of sunflower oil.

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The United Nations says 5.2 million refugees and 7.7 million Ukrainians have been displaced as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to global economic impacts such as rising prices of a barrel of oil, gas, minerals and food. Countries.

* With information from The Guardian, DW, RT and Sputnik

Editing: Thales Schmidt