June 21, 2024

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England to consider diplomatic participation in the Winter Games in Beijing

England to consider diplomatic participation in the Winter Games in Beijing

Oh United Kingdom He will consider whether or not to impose diplomatic boycott “at the right time” Winter Olympic Games In 2022 Beijing, British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb said on Tuesday (7).

“I was asked whether or not, we will consider it [o nível de representação no evento] Just in time, ”Rob said.

American boycott

Oh Government of Joe Biden No embassy representatives will be sent 2022 Winter Olympics, In Beijing, as a declaration against human rights violations China In Xinjiang, White House spokesman Zhen Zhao made the announcement on Monday (6).

Psaki said the US government was sending a “clear message” that China’s human rights abuses could not be “business as usual”.

“The Biden government will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games because of the ongoing genocide in China and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang,” Basaki told a news conference on Monday.

The Psaki sports team added United States It has “full support” from the government, but the government does not “contribute to the excitement of the game”.

“Normally US diplomatic or official representation in the face of China’s blatant human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang would simply run these games, and we can not do that,” Psaki said.

Zaki said the diplomatic boycott of the Games did not mean “the end of our concerns about human rights abuses.”

Asked if the United States was trying to include other allies in the diplomatic boycott, Zaki said the White House had informed its allies of the decision and that “we will openly allow them to make their own decisions.”

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Psaki said the White House did not think it was “the right move” or fair to impose fines on American athletes who ignored the United States altogether during the Winter Olympics.

Chinese reaction

Embassy China In Washington, he said the US announcement of a 2022 Winter Olympics diplomatic boycott was “a hypocritical act” and “political manipulation” and would have no bearing on the conduct of the Games.

“No invitation was sent to US politicians, so this ‘diplomatic boycott’ came out of nowhere,” embassy spokesman Liu Pengui said in an email in response to a request for comment on the ad.

“Such hypocrisy is merely a political manipulation and a serious distortion of the spirit of the Olympic charter. In fact, no one cares whether they come or not, and it has no bearing on the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, ”he said.

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