July 19, 2024

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Euro 2020 Games set more than 9,400 new cases in the UK – Observer

Euro 2020 Games set more than 9,400 new cases in the UK – Observer

British authorities have identified more than 9,400 new cases of SARS-COV-2 infection related to Euro 2020 games. Defender.

There were new infections Found under the test program. The government of Boris Johnson implemented action to control the epidemic situation in England after graduating from the European Football Championship.

Data released last Friday, reveals it 85% of all new cases related to Euro 2020 festivals – From music events to games – dFormed in eight matches, Mainly the semi-finals and final were held in London. Italy defeated Italy to win the championship.

Of the 9,402 people affected during these events, Two days after a game, 3,036 symptoms developed. Health officials suspect that many will already be affected on the day of departure.

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However, these figures are encouraging for the British government Defender: Number of cases of cases monitored by the Public Health UK Similar to what is seen in the general population, Which suggests that mass events are safe and can happen.

But Jennifer Smith, the company’s deputy medical director who led the study, warned that Euro 2020 could be a turning point “A Significant Public Health Risk Across the UK”: “This risk includes not only the individuals attending the event, but also the activities undertaken during the trip and the social activities associated with it.”

Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Culture, noted that the study should be supported Major cultural and sporting events Return to England. But he urged the British to “be careful when mixing in very large crowded situations.”

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