May 25, 2024

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Find out how to withdraw the FGTS in cases of illness and health problems

Find out how to withdraw the FGTS in cases of illness and health problems

The resource can be used for those who need to purchase a prosthesis or orthosis or for those affected and dependent on the agent.

The feature can be ordered online or in person at the Caixa branch itself. It is noteworthy that the displayed value will be equivalent to the cost of the prosthetics.

Restrictions on withdrawing FGTS in health matters are:

When the applicant has HIV/AIDS, has cancer or is terminally ill due to other serious illnesses, when the applicant has tuberculosis, Parkinson’s disease, and irreversible paralysis, among others.

See below for the documents required to apply:

  • identity documents;
  • Business card
  • PIS / PASEP / NIS registration number;
  • Correctly fill out the form that will be used to justify receiving the benefit and display test results and reports.

Finally, the withdrawal can be made through lotteries, at service stations, and for those who have a citizen card with a password, the resource must be drawn through self-service rooms. If there are other cases, you can get it from any Caixa branch.

It is worth noting that if the applicant rejects the application, he/she may interrupt the allotment within 30 days. If you insist, you must go to court.

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