May 20, 2024

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Find out who is Neuza Back

Find out who is Neuza Back

The World Cup 2022In Qatar, a women’s judging competition will be witnessed for the first time in the history of the competition. Among the professionals, FIFA chose assistant referee Noyza Pac as the first Brazilian representative in the tournament.

“We are delighted, with Stephanie Frappart of France, Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan, as well as the assistant referees. Neuza is back from BrazilKaren Diaz Medina, of Mexico, and Katherine Nesbitt, of the United States, we were able to call up female referees for the first time in World Cup history.“, He said Pierluigi Collina, President of the FIFA Jury.

In all, there will be three referees and three assistants at this year’s World Cup out of a total of 129 professionals – 36 referees, 69 assistants and 24 videographers. Together with Neuza, Brazil will be represented in the tournament by Referees: Raphael Claus and Wilton SampaioIn addition to assistants Bruno Bocellia, Bruno Perez, Danilo Simon and Rodrigo Figueiredo.

“We emphasize that quality is what is important to us and not gender. I hope in the future, the selection of elite judges for important men’s competitions will be seen as normal and not something exciting anymore. They deserve it. To be in the World Cup .. the world because they consistently perform at the level Very high, and that is the important factor for us”, concluded the head of arbitration at the maximum football entity.

Who is Neuza Back

news Back previously selected to join Tokyo Olympics judging team Nor FIFA World Cup 2020. In the international championship that ended with the title Bayern Munich, photographed as a reserve flag. In both competitions, she was accompanied by referee Edina Alves.

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In addition, assistance was already present at the 2019 Women’s World Cup and in major national duels, such as in The first match in Paulistao 2020 final between Corinthians and Palmeiras.

Born in Santa Catarina, Neuza Back moved with Edina Alves from Parana to Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo, to get more job opportunities. in 2020, She was the target of a sexist comment from Botafogo idol Jairzinho While playing in the Copa del Rey match between Botafogo and Vasco.

Paulista Union football (FPF), the entity with which the assistant is associated, issued a memorandum in defense of Back and classified it as “One of the main professionals in the activism in the country.”