June 23, 2024

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Fireball appears in American skies

Fireball appears in American skies

A Fire ball That crossed the Midwest sky United States Early this Wednesday morning, it was seen by many. This time, it was not a meteorite: the duration of the event was too long.

Is it space junk? No, one, but it was almost there. According to the American Meteorological Association, the fireball was a Russian spy satellite that was burned when it re-entered. Terra.


This report is only possible because the recording time of the transmission time via the Cosmos-2551 satellite region was accurate.

This spy satellite was launched by Russia Astronomer and satellite observer Jonathan McDowell says it has not adjusted its orbit even once since its departure on September 9th.

The Kosmos-2551 weighed about 500 kg and may have burned to the ground upon re-entry, and no debris was expected to reach the ground.

Space junk fireballs, though often spectacular, are not uncommon.

In 2008, one of the most sensational films was recorded when the spacecraft Jules Verne re-entered the Pacific Ocean. Oh Video This was especially done by a cameraman who was on a plane flying in the area to record the event.

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