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Fluminense advances, but draws from Cuiaba and misses a chance to enter the Group of Six from Brazil

Fluminense advances, but draws from Cuiaba and misses a chance to enter the Group of Six from Brazil

Fluminense advanced and threatened a quiet game, but suffered a 2-2 draw with Cuiaba, on Monday, at the Arena Pantanal. Tricolore scored goals by Luis Henrique and Raul Bobadilla, both in the first half. The homeowners have already cashed in with Jonathan Cafu and Felipe Marquez.

The result is bad for both. Influenza loses its chance to enter the G6 and drops to eighth place with 29 points. Next Sunday, 4pm, the Marcão team welcomes the Red Bull Bragantino to Maracanã. Cuiaba, on the other hand, comes just behind the ninth with 28, and visits Atletico Go on Sunday, at 20:30.

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Bobadilla scored one of Fluminense’s goals against Cuiaba (Maelson Santana / Fluminense FC)


The match barely started and Fluminense took the lead. In the fourth minute, Luis Henrique advanced from the right and made a strong and beautiful kick with his left hand, from outside the area, and opened the scoring. It was the third goal in four games for the youngster raised in the youth teams of Rio de Janeiro. While Cuiaba tried to speed up the match, the flu came less, but expanded in the 19th minute, when Danilo Barcelos Bobadilla was found in the area and the striker headed into goal.


However, the feature was short-lived. Two minutes later, Samuel Xavier tried to cut the area and hit Rafael Elias. The referee awarded the sixteenth penalty kick against the three colors of the season, and Jonathan Cafu reduced it to the home team. Overall, the first half was a few moments of emotion, despite the three goals, and the hosts struggled to create as Tricolor opted to stay lower with possession.

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Not worth

Fluminense was extending the score early in the second half, but the move was canceled after analysis in VAR. Luiz sent Henrique Nonato, who hit the corner and scored. But in a questionable move, the referee saw the participation of Caio Paulista, who was offside, in the play. So the bid was invalid.


Cuiaba went to Fluminense to try to get at least one point, but found it difficult to risk Marcos Felipe’s goal. On the other hand, the tricolor did not know how to exploit defensive oscillations and distances, leaving the game open. Luis Henrique, the highlight of the match, had a great chance, but he stopped at Walter’s good defence.


This effort is paying off. In the 30th minute, Cuiaba took a nap from Fluminense’s defense and worked the ball until Cabrera, who had just entered, sent in a low cross in the middle to freely emerge Felipe Marquez and make everything equal.

both bad

In the final minutes, Flo held the ball and looked for spaces, but he barely managed to threaten. At 44, Yago Felipe had a powerful shot from outside the area, but Walter defended it. In the last few minutes, there was still time to expel Marlon, from Cuiaba, after what the referee considered an assault on Iago Felipe. On the scoreboard, nothing has changed.

data sheet
CUIABÁ 2×2 Fluminence

Date and time: 09-20-21 – 20h (from Brasilia)
Stadium: Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá (MT)
Rule: Ramon Abate Abel (SC)
Auxiliaries: Henrique New Ribeiro (SC) and Eder Alexander (SC)
where: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (FIFA/SC)

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Objectives: Luis Henrique (4ft/1ºT) (0-1), Bobadilla (19min/1ºT) (0-2), Jonathan Cafu (22min/1ºT) (1-2), Felipe Marquez (30min/2ºT) (2-2)
yellow cards: Rafael Elias, Cabrera (CUI), Nonato, Lucca (FLU)
red cards: Marlon (51 ft / 2ºT)

CUIABÁ: Walter. Lucas Ramon (Joao Lucas – halftime), Marlon, Paulau, Oremre (Olian Correa – halftime) and Owendel; Jonathan Cafu, Camilo (Pepe – first half) and Rafael Papaggio (Gustavo Nescau – 22min/2ºT); Rafael Java (Cabrera – 26 min/2ºT) and Felipe Márquez. idiomatic: Jorge.

luminous: Marcos Philip, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Lucas Claro and Danilo Barcellos (Marlon – 43’2ºT); Martinelli, Nonato (Cazares – 22min/2ºT) and Iago Filipe; Luiz Henrique (Arias – 32 ft / 2ºT), Cayo Paulista (Luca – 22 ft / 2ºT) and Bobadilla (JFK – 32 ft / 2ºT). idiomatic: reference.