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Former Miss England gets Fortune Matching Queen for divorce

Posted on 10/07/2021 1:10 PM / Updated on 10/07/2021 1:11 PM

For 21 years, both have been the 14th richest people in the UK – (Credit: Instagram / Reproduction)

No controversy, but slanderous luck. The divorce of a businesswoman from the former Miss England made headlines in the British tabloids this Thursday (7/10). Ernesto Fertrelli, 56, of Italy, and his wife, Kirsty Fertrelli, 50, have been married to him for more than two decades. Together, the two are the 14th richest people in Great Britain.

Now, after a $ 1 million deal, it has paid her 350 million. At current exchange, this amount is approximately R $ 2.6 billion to current change. Both did not disclose values, but the information was published by the newspaper Daily Mail. According to the release, the value of Queen Elizabeth’s property is close to 5 365 million.

Alone, Kirsty Fertrelli is richer than Mick Jagger, worth 31 310 million, Ed Sheeran (£ 220 million) and Adele (£ 140 million). The two had an agreement in advance, but a friend of the couple told one Daily Mail The deal was generous because Fertrelli did not want a scandal, and to recognize the 21 years the two had spent together. They have two children.

In addition to the money, the former Miss Geneva bought a house on the shores of the lake, this year bought 52 million euros at the Gstaad Sky Resort in Switzerland and a cottage, 8 million euros. Kirsty was represented by Baroness Fiona Chocolate, the same lawyer who served for the respective divorces of Prince Charles and Paul McCartney.

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