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Gabriel Jesus, City decided to defeat Paris Saint-Germain in a comeback and ensure leadership of the group - 11/24/2021

Gabriel Jesus, City decided to defeat Paris Saint-Germain in a comeback and ensure leadership of the group – 11/24/2021

On an inspiring night, Manchester City completely dominated the match and won the Paris Saint-Germain match 2-1, today (24), at the Etihad Stadium. In a Champions League match, Mbappe opened the scoring for the visitors, but Sterling and Gabriel Jesus sealed the round.

The result determines my group’s position in the round of 16. Manchester City reach 12 points and secure the top spot, while Paris Saint-Germain (eight points) advance early because the other group score helps (Leipzig 5 x 0 Brugge). In the final round, on the next seventh day, they both meet the schedule: visit the city of Leipzig while PSG hosts Bruges.

The city is not shaken by terror

The host team did not allow PSG to play in the first half: they controlled the space, choked the opponent’s ball, made several dangerous moves, in short, did everything almost right – almost, because they missed the goal. Even at the back on the scoreboard, he maintained his dominance and loyalty to his playing style right up to the turn of the game. Highlights for Rodri and Mahrez, who had a large role in making the movements, and for Gabriel Jesus, who replaced Zinchenko and after 20 minutes scored his goal.

PSG barely sees the ball

Messi, Mbappe and Neymar were just supporting roles in a match dominated by Manchester City

Photo: Reuters/Carl Rissen

Given the vast dominance of the city, it can confuse the ordinary eye, Paris Saint-Germain Messi NS Neymar with any team. The three barely possessed the ball in the first half, while the defense line blocked the balls inside the small area. Mbappe’s goal was refreshing, but the shift represented the game better. Only then PSG tried to find himself in the attack, but failed.

Game schedule

City showed their intentions just five minutes later, when Kimpembe parried Rodri’s header over the goal line. At 17, it was Hakimi who saved with his head, and at 27 it was Marquinhos’ turn to stop Zinchenko. Under the increasing pressure, Gundogan hit the post at 31, and Mahrez forced Navas to save a good cross-kick, at 33. In this half hour Paris Saint-Germain was harmless.

From then until the break, City’s absolute dominance receded and became just plain superior. The storm passed, chances dwindled, and PSG managed to show their best moments of the first half – with Mbappe’s long shot after the English side stumbled in midfield. However, Paris’ best move so far has been Sterling’s Messi pen.

City threatened a lot, but who opened the scoring was PSG on the way back from the break. In a quick attack, the team made a rare qualitative move with the right of the light screen from Neymar, a cross pass for Messi, and a goal for Mbappe after deviating from the defense. You know how it is: he who doesn’t, takes it.

Even the goal scored did not shake City, who continued to occupy the opponent’s court and imposed their game. The equalizer came with Sterling, aged 18, the switch at Gabriel Jesus’ feet, at 31: after a beautiful cross from Mahrez, Bernardo Silva lovingly pinned it for the Brazilian to finish the match. The superiority and persistence of the host team finally appeared on the scoreboard, after which Paris Saint-Germain did not find itself.

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