May 30, 2024

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Galvo Bueno praises Vasco x Cruzeiro in Maracan: ‘It was a great moment’

Photo: Reproduo / SporTV

In Bem, Amigos! Galvo Bueno praised the classic Vasco x Cruzeiro at Maracan

In the Well, friends! This Monday, on the channel SportTV, Presenter and broadcaster Galvo Bueno hailed the confrontation between Vasco and Cruzeiro, which drew more than 65,000 people to the Maracan. It is considered that the match, for the twelfth round of the Second Division, was the most prominent in Brazilian football this weekend.

The match marked Vasco’s return to Maracan, in front of a large audience, who watched the duel between the two candidates to reach the elite. With a goal from Getlio, still in the first half, the Rio de Janeiro team won 1-0, reached 24 points, finished third, and broke a nine-game positive streak for the Minas Gerais team, which remained in first place, with 28.

Galvo Bueno hailed the Serie B match, mainly because of the great party in the Maracan. The presenter considers that the second-class Brazilian was attractive and retained many emotions for the audience. According to him, the classic match at the legendary stadium was the defining moment during the weekend.

“Second Division is, really promising. The great moment of the weekend was the Serie B match, Vasco x Cruzeiro. The return of the greatness of Vasco to the Maracan, Cruzeiro taking five thousand people to the Maracán, losing the match and the fans did that thing that the fans invented Icelanders”, spotlighted Galvo clapping his hands at the celebration hosted by the “Vikings” at the 2018 World Cup.

Galvo Bueno also praised Vasco’s decision to return to Maracán and still bring a large crowd to the stadium. In addition, the victory celebration of the players, especially the veteran Nin, was another point mentioned by the presenter of the program. “It looks like Vasco is back with a great title, Nin, in his 40s, injured, dancing and partying. For me, that was the great moment of the weekend,” he confirmed.

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