June 21, 2024

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Game shopping ads are also targeted in the UK

Game shopping ads are also targeted in the UK

Regulatory authorities in the UK are not new Other European countries Not very happy with the micro transaction mechanics and booty boxes in the games. As part of the drive to reduce the risk of addiction in children under 18, the UK Advertising Standards Commission (ASA) has released new guidelines on how to advertise in-game purchases.

These are the most complete documents, which should generally be transparent in the way coins and sporting goods are advertised to their players. For example, premium coins that can be purchased in the game should clearly show how much their value is reflected in real money.

However, the ASA has no power to impose fines or penalties. The agency’s guidelines work in the same way as recommendations with threats. Although ASA cannot act directly against game makers who want to ignore its guidelines, the company has already achieved success only by campaigning against these companies. In addition, the authority can take more complex cases to other powerful regulatory bodies that act to protect the interests of regulations set by the government.

Of course the ASA will have the support of other officials, after all it was recently decided by the British Parliament Loot boxes Rather, they are a form of betting that must be controlled as it is.