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Ganso is 'born again' in Fluminense and cheers to the crowd: 'I've always made it clear my desire to be on the court' |  fluminence

Ganso is ‘born again’ in Fluminense and cheers to the crowd: ‘I’ve always made it clear my desire to be on the court’ | fluminence

Now will you do? Paulo Henrique swan Returned to the spotlight in Fluminense. After reaching Laranjeiras in 2019, under the eyes of suspicious and hopeful fans, three years have passed with more lows than highs. On the face of it, the five-year contract seemed long and expensive to critics. However, 2022 started differently, as the crowd shouted his name in the stands. And it seemed that the support had an effect: the number 10 shirt began to play well, and in the finals of the Carioca Championship against Flamengo, he regained all three colors once and for all.

Gansu was one of the highlights of the final between Carioca vs Flamengo – Photo: Melson Santana / Fluminense FC

The midfielder reclaimed his chance in the starting line-up precisely in the two crucial games against Flamengo, and he must hold it until the team’s debut in the Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday, 19:15 (GMT) in the Maracana, against Oriente. Petrolero, from Bolivia. about swanThe second match of the final was important to show that the team can play in other ways:

– Our group is highly qualified and able to play in different ways, even in the same game. I’m glad I teamed up with the group to achieve this feat, which is undoubtedly a collective. From my point of view it is important to have the ball, attack spaces intelligently, know when to accelerate and when to speed up the game more. We have pieces to play this way, basically like in the second game – he said, in an interview with General Electric.

The Mid-year injuryado When the athlete was reclaiming space in the team under Roger Machado, it could feel like a bucket of cold water. However, some fans “sang with stone” what could happen in the future: recovering from a broken arm, in this year’s matches, with a quick and clever touch of the ball, the midfielder appeared like a phoenix – which according to Chinese legends consists of a part of several animals , including swan.

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She welcomed 2019 with the song “O .”. swan He’s coming, I’m going to win a lot of trophies,” the player finally lifted the first trophy with the club. In 2022, the No. 10 also provided three assists in 12 games and is already living his best season like a waiter in a tricolor shirt was there to celebrate the happy moment provocation of competition And the your wife’s screamingGiovanna Costi.

Fluminense celebrates title with provocation: ‘Ganso plays more than Arrascaeta’

The player also felt the affection of the fans, who does not hide his desire to be on the field with the team. In addition to the happiness of raising the cup, swan It also tells us about the need to understand what the coach was looking for from him:

– I’ve always made it clear that I want to be on the field Fluminense. I was very well received when I arrived at the club and that became my motivation to give back on the pitch. Everyone knows that. In all the conversations with Professor Abel, I made myself available to help the team and tried to understand what they expected of me. This achievement, combined with the natural happiness of being a champion, gives us confidence that it can be a very positive season for all of us.

Fans celebrated Gansu during Fluminense’s departure – Photo: André Durão / ge

Given that we’re still at the start of 2022, the midfielder already has nearly half the minutes on the field compared to the last two years combined. The exception is the year of his debut, in which the athlete played almost every match as a beginner with coach Fernando Dinez.

pass quality

year complete passes incomplete passes hit the lanes
2020 647 84 88.5%
2021 600 74 89%
2022 308 36 89.5%

And not only did the midfielder stand out against Flamengo. In the above question, swan It was best in location at Campeonato Carioca, according to Footstats data.

Commentator Carlos Eduardo Mansour, swan He stands out when the team’s style of play allows his best virtues to be apparent, which is what happened in the second duel of the final against Flamengo:

– It adds its technical quality to the team, which has great advantages, when the team can create a context appropriate for its type of game. The final, for example, was a team that was able to hold the ball more, get closer to play, exchange more short passes, and with players closer, had more options to distribute the game without having to travel long distances, without being a team that She put herself in the back to play on the counterattack, forcing the athletes to run long distances.

– It is no coincidence that he put on another great performance against Vasco in the country classification stage. He was half a reserve team, but the characteristic of this team was to group players into a shorter space and get closer, exchange passes, and then you have the perfect context for him, a player of great technical quality, with very good passes. , a lot of creativity … having options close to him for distributing plays, it’s easier.

A goose greets Abel as he leaves the field – Photo: André Durão / ge

– In the form that played the final, the team was more protective at the back, although he intervened early, but that’s not something you expect him to do all the time. The team needs to be a little more balanced for him. In a team like this for a good part of the beginning of the year, he was defending back, trying to attack quickly, and the players had to run and attack in a very large area of ​​the field, for him it just wasn’t good anymore. He will take away a lot of his characteristics, because he is a player with great technical quality, but he is not very dynamic without the ball.

Léo Miranda explains how Fluminense works without and with Ganso in the field

Léo Miranda explains how Fluminense works without and with Ganso in the field

In the geocentre, journalist Leo Miranda analyzed how to make a file Fluminensewhen swan He is not in the team. Possibly with the No. 10 jersey among the holders, Tricolor returns to the field this Wednesday and makes his Sudamericana debut against Oriente Petrolero, of Bolivia, in Maracanã.

*With data from Joao Guerra and Felipe Tavares, from Espiano Statistico

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