May 20, 2024

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Gaviões da Fiel talks about "incompetence" and again demands Sylvinho to leave Corinthians

Gaviões da Fiel talks about “incompetence” and again demands Sylvinho to leave Corinthians

On Friday morning, Corinthians’ biggest fan, Javes da Viel, once again demanded the departure of Sylvinho from the club’s technical leadership. The new complaint comes two days before the derby match against Santos.

In a published statement, Javes da Viel stated that the coach “does not have the competence for such a job” and said he is “aware of the responsibility Vial Torseda places on us, and the goal is to always defend the club and charge him when necessary.” The organizers confirmed that during the derby match Sunday, they will support the team, but will continue to demand the departure of the coach – See the full note below.

Sylvinho wasn’t the only one who was skeptical about his exit. The organization’s memorandum still requires the resignations of Roberto de Andrade and Alessandro Nunes from the football board.

It should be noted that this is the third time that Javich da Viel has expressed his opinion through a memorandum requesting the resignation of the aforementioned three. The first match took place in October, after the 1–0 defeat at Majestic Stadium. second event Five days after the first, when Timão ended up in a 2-2 draw against Internacional, in Beira-Rio.

Corinthians is currently fifth in the Brazilian championship with 50 points. Team Parque will face São Jorge Santos, on Sunday, 4pm, at the New Coimica Arena. Timão depends only on you: if he wins, he takes fourth place in the table.

Check out Gaviões da Fiel .’s official note

It is not new to demand the departure of the current Corinthians football board, especially directors Roberto de Andrade and Alessandro Nunes. Recently, we have called and will continue to demand the departure of coach Sylvinho, as we understand that the current Timão coach does not have the competence for this job. In October, we again asked club president Duilio Monteiro Alves, who at that time refused any changes in the football department.

We are aware of the responsibility Villa Torseda places on us and the intention has always been to defend the club and bring charges when necessary.

So, in Sunday’s derby against San 7, we will support this group that is now part of the squad for 90 minutes, but we will continue to demand the departure of coach Sylvinho.

We also support Corinthians always, wherever he is. This weekend we have two convoys leaving, one for the final of the Copa Libertadores de Futebol Mulhair and the other for round 35 of the Campeonato Brasileiro.

In this way we express that planning for 2022 should begin with another Technical Committee. This, The Faithful Twisted does not accept.

outside everyone.

Twisted Twisted are loyal

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